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Sikh Heritage Month at the TDSB – April 2024

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Sikh Heritage Month has been proudly recognized at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) since 2016 as the Board of Trustees voted to designate April of each year as Sikh Heritage Month making the TDSB the first school board in Canada to do so. Sikh Heritage Month is recognized nationally across Canada.

This year’s the Sikh Heritage Month’s theme is Chardi Kala (The Positive and Uplifted State of Mind). According to Sikh beliefs, Chardi Kala is a state of mind that radiates positive energy, optimistic attitude, strong confidence, and virtuosity. With true belief in the supreme power of the Almighty and the oneness of humanity, this state of mind can pave a way for the well-being and happiness of all.

The TDSB community, students, and staff is invited to join our virtual Sikh Heritage Month launch to learn about the Sikh heritage and traditions! Join us for a remarkable morning of information and celebration on Wednesday, April 3rd from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m., zoom webinar link.

The results of our Sikh Heritage Month Poster/Video Challenge are posted below. Kudos to all our students for their submissions, we’re so proud!

The Sikh Heritage Committee is continuing with its Podcasts series that began last year. This year, we’ve added two new podcast episodes that reflect our current theme of Chardi Kala (The Positive and Uplifted State of Mind):

We’re please to share with you an innovative teaching and learning toolkit designed to assist students whose Patka, a Sikh head covering, becomes undone or needs retying, called Patka Box™️.

This comprehensive resource includes a booklet explaining the significance of the Patka, two spare Patkas for emergencies, step-by-step instructions on tying the Patka, and a wooden craft activity to engage all students in the learning process.

Before utilizing the kit, educators must complete a 40 minute mandatory professional learning facilitated by Rosey Kaur, the creator. Upon completion, educators receive a certification.

For more information or to place an order, please contact This initiative not only ensures the cultural inclusion of Sikh students, but also promotes understanding and appreciation among all students in the classroom.

Lastly during the month of April, Sikh Canadians recognize Vaisakhi, also known as Khalsa Day, which celebrates the creation of the Khalsa. This year Khalsa Day will be celebrated on Sunday, April 28 in downtown Toronto at Exhibition Place This celebration is the third largest parade in Canada with thousands of individuals joining in the festivities! We hope you are available to join the festivities and celebrate!

 TDSB Sikh Heritage Month - Educational Offerings April 2024