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Student Transportation Update - August 2023

Dear Families,

The Toronto Student Transportation Group (TSTG) would like to provide an update on student transportation for September 2023.  

Driver Status

Throughout the summer, TSTG has had ongoing communication with student transportation carriers, including driver status updates. Currently, some of our bus carriers have noted a reduction in the number of drivers available to cover all routes, while ensuring a safe and timely service for eligible students. New drivers are currently in training in the hopes that sufficient numbers will be available for the start of the school year. Please stay tuned for further updates, if needed.

Phased-in Start

As the school year begins, the TSTG will once again implement a phased-in start for student transportation to provide both a more consistent service for families and to ensure that students with special education needs are prioritized to receive bus service beginning the first week of school.

Starting September 5th, 2023 – student transportation services will be provided for the following students:

  • Students with special education needs (excluding those in the gifted program) who travel to school on minibuses, minivans, taxis, and wheelchair-accessible vehicles.
  • Students at relocation schools (Hodgson PS, St Leo, Holy Angels, St Antione Daniel, St Matthias, Dante Alighieri), specific buses for new Canadians, The Island Public School, and those at Kapapamahchakwew - Wandering Spirit School. 

Starting September 11, 2023 – all other eligible students will be provided with student transportation unless there is a significant impact on driver availability.

Both the TDSB and TCDSB will be following this phased-in start. Should there be a significant impact on driver availability affecting the TSTG’s ability to deliver safe and timely service, we may delay the start of transportation for all other eligible students beyond September 11. Should this be required, families will be informed as soon as possible so alternate transportation can be arranged.

Transportation Portal

All families that have children who use the transportation service must create an account on the transportation portal.   This allows you to confirm your child’s transportation details including bus stop location, school bus operator, contact information, and school bus route number.  You will also be able to subscribe to the late bus portal which will send you an e-mail should the bus company report the bus your child is on is delayed.   

As always, we continue to work with our partners to ensure a successful start to the school year. Should there be any questions or concerns, please reach out at any time.


Kevin Hodgkinson
General Manager - TSTG