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Lord Lansdowne Students Help Shape the Future of Chinatown

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This week as part of the City of Toronto’s Chinatown Study, students in grade 5 and 6 at Lord Lansdowne Junior Public School had the opportunity to share their vision for the future of Chinatown with City staff.

Students learned about the great cultural heritage significance of Chinatown, currently located along Spadina Road, including the painful history of the displacement and discrimination the Chinese community has faced over many decades.

Following this learning, students were asked to identify spaces in Chinatown they feel positively and negatively about and were given an opportunity to share their voice and opinions on what they hoped to see in the areas they feel negatively about and why.

Finally, students were asked to sketch or write out their vision for the future of Chinatown, which will be shared in a report to the City of Toronto with the goal of integrating their ideas in the future planning. Students are so excited to see how their neighbourhood will transform in the coming years and can't wait to see if any of their ideas will be included in the final design.

Learn more about the City’s study on the Chinatown Tomorrow Planning Initiative webpage.


Image 1: City staff member stands at the front of a classroom with students sitting in desks with hands raised. On a projection screen there is an image from Chinatown Toronto with text “Ice Breakers” on the screen.

Image 2: Three students review a map of Chinatown and use stickers to pinpoint locations they feel positively or negatively about.

Image 3: A piece of paper sits on a desk with a student’s hand seen drawing a Chinatown sign.