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TDSB Recognizes Feed Tomorrow Week

Monday, October 16, 2017
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October 18 is Student Nutrition Day in the TDSB!

One out of three children in Toronto lives in poverty and over 195,000 students rely on breakfast, snacks, or lunch served at 820 school-based nutrition programs to make it through the school day.

This week is Feed Tomorrow Week – the largest awareness campaign of its kind for student hunger and nutrition programs. The Toronto Foundation for Student Success – an independent registered charity that supports TDSB schools – and its partners support more than 195,000 nutritious meals every school day. These meals are provided through over 820 Student Nutrition Programs, primarily school-based, where students eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, or a snack.

Learn more about nutrition programs and how you can support them.

  • In Toronto, one in every three children lives in poverty and 40% of all children come to school hungry each day. This can be as high as 68% in our most at-risk communities.
  • Children and youth, though only 21% of the country’s population, make up 38% of those helped by free food programs and student nutrition programs.
  • Research shows that students who eat breakfast produce better grades, are healthier, have increased motivation, are 50% less likely to be suspended and less likely to miss school on a regular basis.
  • 78% of secondary school students who eat breakfast on most days are on track for graduation.
  • A healthy breakfast for a child costs just $1.66.
  • Canada is the only G8 country without a national school-based student nutrition program.
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