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Kimberley Junior Public School

Facility Condition Index

September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2018

The Facility Condition Index (FCI) rating is a measurement of the condition of a school building. It does not reflect on the safety of the school building. 

The health and safety of students, staff and community members are our top priority when planning school repairs. Our Facility Services staff works year-round to ensure our schools are safe regardless of their FCI rating.

Almost half of the 584 TDSB school buildings were built more than 60 years ago. Older schools often have a higher FCI rating as some building components such as walls, lights, floors and ventilation systems may require major repairs or replacement.

55.70 %

Learn More

Learn more about the Renewal Needs Backlog and the Facility Condition Index, both of which include related Frequently Asked Questions.

Renewal Needs Backlog

The Toronto District School Board’s Renewal Needs Backlog (RNB) list identifies 22,686 different repairs needed in our 584 schools. The total value of those repairs is approximately $3.7 billion as of September 2017. 

For the 2017-2018 school year, the TDSB received $297 million in provincial funding. From this amount, $50 million should be used to replace energy efficient building components. The remaining $247 million should be used to replace/repair building components identified during the schools inspection, helping reduce the FCI of school buildings.

It is important to understand that these repairs do not represent a health or safety concern. Safety is a top priority for us at the TDSB and our maintenance plans are always focused on providing safe places for our students and staff. In order to do that, we fix the most critical problems related to health and safety first. Also, while components in a school building may be past their life expectancy (e.g. water boiler), they are in good condition and meet all required safety codes.


Urgent Building systems that are in critical condition and have surpassed their useful service life. These systems are very important to the operation of the building (e.g. boilers, other heat generating systems, fire alarm, sprinkler system, standpipe system, public address system, roofing, etc.). Although there is no specific timeframe to repair/replace these systems, it is recommended to do it as soon as funding becomes available.
High Building systems that are in critical or poor condition and their importance to the operation of the building is less than those classified as “urgent” (e.g. brick work, exterior doors, exterior windows, rooftop units, etc.). There is no specific timeframe to repair/replace these systems; however, repair/replacement is recommended as soon as funding becomes available.
Medium Building systems that are in fair condition with low importance to the operation of the building (e.g. floor finishes, washroom partitions, millwork, etc.).
Low Building systems that are in fair or good condition with very low importance to the operation of the building (e.g. wall partitions, interior wall finishes, interior doors, fences, etc.).

Heating/Chilling water distribution systems - Heating Piping Systems - Original Building RenewalUrgent
Interior Stair Construction - Metal Framed RenewalUrgent
Lighting Equipment - Emergency Lighting - Battery Back-ups RenewalUrgent
Main Switchboards - Main Disconnect RenewalUrgent
Main Switchboards - Main Distribution Panel RenewalUrgent
Study [Heating/Chilling water distribution systems - Heating Piping Systems - Original Building]Urgent
Air Distribution, Heating & Cooling - Duct System - Original Building RenewalHigh
Auxiliary Equipment - Expansion Tank RenewalHigh
Branch Wiring - Cabling, Raceways & Bus Ducts - Original Building RenewalHigh
Ceiling Finishes - Acoustic Tile Ceiling RenewalHigh
Ceiling Finishes - Suspended Acoustic Panel Ceiling RenewalHigh
Domestic Water Distribution - Plumbing Piping Systems - Original Building RenewalHigh
Domestic Water Distribution - Plumbing Pumps - Hot Water Circulation Pump RenewalHigh
Domestic Water Distribution - Sump Pump RenewalHigh
Energy Supply - Gas Piping System RenewalHigh
Exhaust Systems - Exhaust Fan - Fan Room RenewalHigh
Exhaust Systems - Exhaust Fans - Roof RenewalHigh
Exterior Doors - Hardware RenewalHigh
Exterior Walls - Pre-Finished Metal Panels - Original Building RenewalHigh
Fencing and Gates - Chain Link, Wood, & Wrought Iron Fence RenewalHigh
Fittings - Millwork - Cabinet & Counters RenewalHigh
Fittings - Washroom Partitions - Metal RenewalHigh
Floor Finishes - Carpet RenewalHigh
Floor Finishes - Hardwood - Stage RenewalHigh
Floor Finishes - Sheet Vinyl Floor RenewalHigh
Interior Doors - Hardware RenewalHigh
Interior Doors - Wood & Hollow Metal RenewalHigh
Lighting Equipment - Exterior Lighting - Wall Mounted High Sodium and Incandescent RenewalHigh
Major Repair [Exterior Walls - Brick Wall System - 1964 Construction]High
Major Repair [Structural Frame - Original Building]High
Pedestrian Paving - Asphalt Paved Walkway RenewalHigh
Playing Fields - Asphalt Paved RenewalHigh
Plumbing Fixtures - Eyewash Station RenewalHigh
Plumbing Fixtures RenewalHigh
Signage - Wall Mounted RenewalHigh
Stormwater Management RenewalHigh
Structural Frame - Original Building RenewalHigh
Study [Air Distribution, Heating & Cooling - Duct System - Original Building]High
Study [Branch Wiring - Cabling, Raceways & Bus Ducts - Original Building]High
Study [Domestic Water Distribution - Plumbing Piping Systems - Original Building]High
Study [Stormwater Management]High
Terminal & Package Units - Perimeter Radiators and Force Flow Heaters - Original Building RenewalHigh
Wall Finishes - Painted - 75% of Original Building RenewalHigh
Landscaping RenewalMedium
Other Communications & Alarm Systems - Information Technology Systems RenewalMedium
Parking Lots - Asphalt Paved Parking Lot RenewalMedium
Controls & Instrumentation - BAS RenewalLow
Controls & Instrumentation - Pneumatic Control Device RenewalLow
Domestic Water Distribution - DHW Heater RenewalLow
Fittings - Chalkboard RenewalLow
Floor Finishes - Vinyl Tiles RenewalLow
Playing Fields - Unpaved RenewalLow
Retaining Walls - Concrete RenewalLow

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