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Employment Equity - Integrated Equity Framework Action Plan


The objective of the Board’s Employment Equity Policy P029 is to establish a commitment to the development, implementation and maintenance of employment and promotion policies, practices and procedures that result in and sustain a workforce that, at all levels, reflects, understands and responds to our diverse population. 

Equity Goals: 

  • To measure how effective our employment practices are at supporting equitable hiring, mentoring, retention, promotion, and succession planning. 
  • To identify workplace factors known to have a strong impact on organizational health and the health of individual employees (e.g., organizational culture, workload management, engagement, growth and development, recognition and reward etc.). These workplace factors are organizational/systemic in nature and therefore can be influenced by the workplace to improve employee mental health and well-being.  
  • To ensure that all our employees have equitable opportunities for advancement; that their skills and knowledge are valued and used appropriately; and that they have equitable access to available support for their professional development needs.

Action Plan:

Actions Year One (2016-2017)
  • Hiring Practices:  All job postings will strongly encourage applications from members of various groups including visible minorities, persons of Indigenous background and persons with disabilities.  Work closely with members of our Indigenous communities and all employee groups to increase hiring of persons of Indigenous background.
  • Staff Census/Survey:  To assess our progress and inform decision-making, we will collect data through a staff census.  Employee Services to analyze data on the representation of racialized groups and other marginalized groups among our staff. Corrective action will be taken where the data reveal gaps in hiring practices. 
  • To assess our progress we will collect data through staff census. The analysis of this data will allow us to make more informed decisions.  Collect staff census data through a workforce census or through a staff/workforce/employee survey. Employee Services to analyze data on the representation of these groups among our staff.
  • Review of Programs:  Employee Services, in conjunction with our Staff Development personnel, to enhance leadership training and sensitivity to identify and remove any barriers that may exist for our employees. All existing programs will be reviewed to ensure they are delivered to reflect the Board’s commitment to equity and inclusion. 
  • Review Policy P.031, Human Rights
  • Review Policy P.034, Workplace Harassment 
  • Review our practices with respect to Religious Accommodation, to ensure alignment with recent revisions to the Ontario Human Rights Commission Policy on Creed.
  • Add Human Rights Training to TDSB Mandatory Training Matrix.
Actions Year Two (2017-2018)
  • Recommence the Leadership and Mentoring Program for racialized and Indigenous teachers and staff.
  • Develop and deliver in-services on Inclusive Workplace strategies across the system.
  • Develop a “Positive Space Campaign” to bring visibility and support to Sexual and Gender Diversity.
  • Provide system-wide training on Human Rights and respect in the workplace.
Actions Year Three (2018-2019)
  • Review and refresh the Employment Equity Policy and Employment Equity Plan. 
  • Submit an application for Canada’s Top Employer – Diversity

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