Banner - Helping Students Succeed

We know that each and every student is capable of success. So our focus is ensuring that all students can succeed by having access – the same access – to opportunities, learning, resources and tools; that’s equity.

As a system, we are making bold and transformational changes that will not only support those who have traditionally been underserved, but will raise the bar for all students.

We are raising our expectations because we know when we expect more from our students and staff, they achieve more. We are creating school communities that are fair, respectful and inclusive and celebrate and support all students. We are identifying, confronting and eliminating barriers and aligning resources where they’re needed. We are empowering people to share their voice and be part of the progress.

Together we will make a difference in the schools, classrooms and in the lives of students where it matters most.

TDSB. Expect More.

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