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Addressing Your Concerns

Addressing Your Questions and Concerns

People often become frustrated when they have a question or concern relating to the school system because they're not sure who to contact for an answer. The chart below lists some of the most common issues people ask about, and shows who the appropriate person is to contact. If you are ever unsure about where you should direct your question or concern, please call your ward's Trustee and ask for help. Much information is also available on the Board's website at including school attendance areas and school profiles.

Classroom Teacher

  • First step for any issue pertaining to classroom issue
  • Classroom rules or consequences
  • Homework or assignments

School Principal

  • Second step for any of the above issues, if unsatisfied with the Teacher's response
  • First step for any issue pertaining to individual school
  • Student registration
  • Student schedules
  • Student suspensions
  • Report card concerns
  • Teacher's conduct
  • School safety and security
  • School Code of Behaviour
  • School budget and fundraising
  • School council issues

School Superintendent

  • Second step for any of the above issues, if unsatisfied with the Principal's response
  • Alternate attendance requests
  • Suspension appeals


  • Third step on any issues if unsatisfied with both the Principal's and School Superintendent's response (often will help facilitate resolution by directing back to the above)
  • Any item on a Board agenda
  • Board policies under review
  • Board budget
  • Issues in the community
  • News reports
  • Ideas for new Board initiatives
  • Collective bargaining issues
  • Intergovernmental affairs

Board Office

  • Continuing Education
  • Night and summer school
  • Adult education
  • ESL
  • Board documents
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