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Mental Health & Well-Being Parent Partnership Committee

MHWBC Meeting Dates

Lyme Disease

Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School

Healthy Schools and Communities

2015 Healthy Futures Report on Student Health in Toronto

In early March 2015, the City of Toronto Public Health Department released a new report, Healthy Futures, on the health of Toronto students in Grades 7 to 12. The report is based on a first-ever student census done in the 2013-2014 school year. 

This presentation highlights the main findings of this important report.

Mental Health and Well-Being Belongs to Us

The January 2015 issue of the TDSB Mental Health and Well-Being Belongs to Us Newsletter focuses on The 3 R's: Relationships, Relationships, Relationships "The Caring Adult". Review more information and additional resources.

Mental Health Resources

Please see below for a number of different resources regarding child and youth mental health.

This Ministry of Education document called Supporting Minds offers useful information (signs and strategies) as well as resources which deal with the mental health needs of children and youth.

Supporting Student Mental Health at the TDSB is a power point presentation that was part of a workshop at the Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) Conference 'Parents Make a Difference Increasing Knowledge and Enhancing Confidence' on November 15, 2014.

Toronto Public Health Nurse Julia Dearing-Vollett, shared several websites see below and a body image continuum available here.

•The National Eating Disorder Information Centre:

•Beyond Images: a self-esteem and body image curriculum 

•The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario: Reflections of Me (Grades K-6 and a kit for grades 7-8)

•Sick Kids Hospital The Student Body – Promoting Health at Any Size website – for Gr. 4 - 6 Teachers

•Yale Rudd Centre 1.  Video and Discussion Guide:  Weight Prejudice:  Myths and Facts; 2. Video and Discussion guide:  Weight Bias at Home and at School. 

•The Dove Self-Esteem Project

•Media Smarts also has information/activities related to body image

Julia shared that Public Health Nurses can offer programming related to Healthy Eating, Body Image, and making healthy choices.   For example, what used to be called the "Who Are You' program is now being revitalized and will reflect the needs of Junior*/ Intermediate Students - This program is called "My Best Self".  Schools can contact their Liaison or Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention Public Health Nurse to book this and other programs.   There are also many youth who like the Be Your Best Self web portal  - first timers may find it easiest to access through the Search engine on the website. 

Yoga lessons for Kindergarten students at James S. Bell

Kindergarten students at James S. Bell Sports and Wellness Academy are participating in yoga classes as part of the school's commitment to the whole child and health and wellness. Click on this link to see the short news clip from CTV News. From desks to yoga mats: Kids making mind-body connections.


Healthy Kids Report

The Ontario government commissioned a panel of experts to look into the burgeoning problem of childhood obesity. If nothing is done, the current generation of children will develop chronic diseases earlier and will be more affected as they age. The report of the panel has now been released and is available here.  It is being widely talked about and puts forward a bold, three part strategy to increase healthy lifestyles in children and their communities. I recommend you read it and have school council discussions on ways that schools and parents can support healthy activity in the daily lives of children. 

James S. Bell Sports and Wellness Academy welcoming students with community-building activities

The year has only just begun and James S Bell Sports and Wellness Academy has welcomed students with a series of activities to kick off its new designation as a Sports and Wellness Academy. Students at the JK to grade 8 school have been grouped into “houses,” promoting peer mentoring and community-building. On Thursday September 6 from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, the houses competed in the JSB Amazing Race, travelling around the school from station to station completing specific tasks. Clues were given at each station providing direction to the next station. Football toss, dance, juggling, and balancing dice on a popsicle stick introduced the new students to all parts of the school. The week ended on Friday September 7 with the JSB Summer Olympics, featuring traditional events such as rowing, archery, and running.

For more information about James S. Bell Sports and Wellness Academy contact: John Currie, Principal- 416-394-7680,


TDSB Health Hub

Good health is a holistic concept that involves everything from emotional and mental well-being to eating a balanced, nutritious diet to living an active lifestyle. When it comes to learning, good health is one of the most important factors for success in school.

The TDSB Health Hub is a comprehensive on-line health resource for all members of the TDSB community. In May 2011, we celebrated Children's Mental Health Week with a preview of the Mental Well-being section. Future sections will include information on special education, gender and sexuality, nutrition and healthy eating, and much much more!

News for School Councils about Nutrition Guidelines

One of the information sessions at the People for Education Conference on Saturday November 5th provided resources for School Councils and parents about the guidelines to be followed when providing items for bake sales in the school. The Ministry of Education has published a cook book called Bake It Up that fulfills the guidelines. It can be found at the following link: http://
More resources on the School Food and Beverage Policy (SFBP) are available at:

Healthy Schools Recognition Program

The Healthy Schools Recognition Program promotes and celebrates healthy behaviours and practices in Ontario's schools. Schools pledge to take on a healthy activity in their school – and receive recognition for it. Schools can start a new activity or build on an existing one.

The Premier and the Minister of Education will recognize participating schools with a certificate and pennant. A list of participating schools will also be posted on the Ministry of Education's website.

For more information about the Healthy Schools Recognition Program, please click here.

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