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French Immersion Programs

Welcome to Etobicoke-Lakeshore Ward 3's French Immersion Programs!

Residents of Etobicoke-Lakeshore can choose from two models of French Immersion: Early Immersion and Junior Extended French. Early Immersion starts in Senior Kindergarten and is offered as a full day program, entirely in French for the first few grades, then gradually incorporating English language elements in junior, middle and high school. By the end of high school, many students have a native-like fluency in French as well as English. At the end of Grade 12, upon completion of the program, a certificate is awarded and their transcript reflects the completion of the French Immersion program.

Junior Extended French begins in Grade 4 and is designed to develop a high degree of French fluency in children who have learned their fundamental skills of reading and writing during Kindergarten to Grade 3 in English. As with Early Immersion, a high degree of fluency is expected and the completion of the Junior Extended French program is recognized with a certificate upon completion in Grade 12.

Early French Immersion is offered in four schools in Etobicoke-Lakeshore: Sir Adam Beck JS in Alderwood (southwest), John English JMS in Mimico (southeast), Islington JMS in the Bloor-Dundas Area (north-central), and Second Street JMS in the New Toronto area (southeast). Second Street JMS also offers Junior Extended French programming.  You can find the French Immersion/Extended French schools in your area, using the school search tool.

Registration deadlines for the upcoming academic year are usually in late November for  Early French Immersion and late January/early February for Junior Extended French. Admission to a TDSB French Immersion/Extended French program is guaranteed to on-time applicants, however admission to a specific school is not guaranteed if the school reaches capacity. Late registrants are wait-listed and have no guarantee of admission. 

Further information on French as a Second Language programs and the application process is available online at

Note: Registration is for entry in September of the following school year. Applications are done on PARS (on-line) – except for Grade 7 Extended which is a paper process as in the past. Information night and application information is posted on the TDSB French Programs page


French as a Second Language Advisory Committee (FSLAC) Newsletters

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Canadian Parents for French (CPF) Newsletter


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Ministry of Education releases "A Framework for FSL K - 12"

The Ministry of Education released a new document for FSL

"A Framework for FSL, K-12 presents a call to action to strengthen FSL programming, promote the benefits of FSL, heighten appreciation of and support for FSL educators, and increase public confidence in FSL education. It articulates the vision, goals, and guiding principles for FSL in Ontario, and suggests actions that school boards can take to improve FSL programming throughout the province. The framework is designed to support boards in building on the current momentum through the engagement of parents, educators, school board administrators, and communities."

It includes a section on:

"Planning and Reporting on Progress in FSL

Over the ten-year timeframe of A Framework for FSL, K-12, at the beginning of Years 1, 5, and 8, school boards will create and submit to the ministry a concise three-year FSL plan that support the three provincial goals for FSL."

It also includes a section on:

"Parents and Communities as Partners in FSL

Increased parental and community engagement is a critical component of the FSL goals. High levels of engagement in FSL by adult role models in the school, home, and community highlight for students the value that is placed on learning additional languages, especially French, in Ontario".

The FSLAC will be posting the link on their TDSB page: with your full name and the name of your child's school.

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