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Ward 15 Attendance Area Maps

Ward 15 Attendance Area Maps

Students who reside within the City of Toronto have the right to attend a school which is designated to serve their residential address. The Find Your School section of the website identifies the designated schools for each residential address.

To review the Ward 15 Regular Program attendance areas (or catchment boundaries), please use the Ward 15 Attendance Area Maps:

Ward 15 Elementary/Junior School Attendance Area Map (PDF 3.3 MB)

Ward 15 Intermediate School Attendance Area Map (PDF 3.0 MB)

Ward 15 Secondary School Attendance Area Map (PDF 2.9 MB)

To find your Regular Program school attendance area by address or by school name, or to see a more detailed attendance area map for that school, please use our Find Your School search tool.

To determine your French Immersion/Extended French school, please use the search tool available on our French Programs information page. 

For more information about registration please visit the Registration page.

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