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Drop your film suggestions

5/24/2024 9:12:00 AM Have you found a movie or documentary that you would like to use in classrooms? Here's your chance to drop your suggestions! Fill in this form to make suggestions or recommend[...]

Virtual Library Feedback Survey

5/21/2024 8:44:00 AM This summer, we're planning to update the look and feel of the VL to better serve the TDSB community. Please fill out the survey, where you'll see a sneak peek of the[...]

Kit Bookings in May and June

5/17/2024 11:55:00 AM Kit bookings for this school year is beginning to wind down. For some kits with longer loan periods, the system will not allow you to book them based on the remaining time in the[...]

New eBooks on the VL!

4/30/2024 1:03:00 PM New eBooks and eAudiobooks have been added to Destiny Discover and ProQuest eBook Central. To get started, visit Read Watch Learn and click the Destiny Discover or[...]

RESOLVED - Catalogue Issue

4/12/2024 9:14:00 AM The reserve function in the catalogue for print items in the Professional Library has been restored. Please email or call the Professional Library should you encounter any further[...]

EBSCO "Reference Centers" to Be Renamed "Reference Sources"

2/23/2024 4:48:00 PM Coming Soon! EBSCO is renaming some of their reference databases: some products currently known as "Reference Centers" will become "Reference Sources". In[...]

Fall in love with a new eBook

2/5/2024 4:17:00 PM Fall in love with a new eBook via the Virtual Library! To get started, visit Read Watch Learn and log in to any of the eBook resources under "Read"[...]

Winter Break eReading

12/11/2023 3:00:00 PM Winter Break is coming soon: the VL has you covered for eReading fun! Visit Read, Watch, Learn to check out all the different eBook platforms like Destiny, ProQuest,[...]