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Reader's Choice. See what other students are reading.

Grade K-6

Check out these Just Read It submissions from April 2019 to see what titles TDSB students
are reading and to get ideas for what to read next.

The pigeon needs a bath

The pigeon needs a bath by Mo Willems

"They should read this book because it's funny to read and makes you laugh. He doesn't take a bath because he wants to stay dirty then after he changes his mind and he stays in the bath for 10 hours (You should never take a bath for 10 hours)"
Cresthaven Public School

Rising sea by Keltie Thomas

Rising seas by Keltie Thomas

"People should read this book because this book tells you what our future could look like! This way, we could plan for our future so we don't wash up on the shore. So, if you're looking for ways to stop the sea rising (for a good cause) this book is for you."
Forest Manor Public School

I love my purse by Belle DeMont

I love my purse by Belle DeMont

"TDSB readers should read this book because it teaches you about a boy that wore a bright red purse to school because he loved it, he was brave enough, and it was a gift from his grandma. My favorite part of the story was when the boy found his glittery glasses because he was kind of matching the crosswalk lady because the crosswalk lady wore glittery shoes the same colour."
Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy

Love you forever by Robert Munsch
Love you forever by Robert Munsch

"Mommy teared up when she read the book to me and my brother. She says it's a very special book. Everytime she reads it to me and my brother she always hug us tight and always kiss us in the end."
Kennedy Public School

Real friends by Shannon Hale

Real friends by Shannon Hale

"You should read this book because it is about a girl who got bullied and stood up for herself."
Ogden Public School



Tell us about a book you've read for a
chance to win an author visit!
Tell us about a book you've read for a
chance to win an author visit!
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