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ASST - School Supports

Many schools at the TDSB are making active, safe and sustainable transportation a priority in their community and we continue to seek opportunities to offer supports that will assist schools in doing so. Click below to explore some of the ways active, safe and sustainable transportation is being supported at the TDSB:

›       Traffic Safety Program

Compared to previous generations, fewer students are walking and cycling to school, and more are being driven. This change is associated with rising environmental, health and safety concerns. To respond to this trend, in 2017/18 the TDSB launched a new program to provide schools with more traffic safety support. This unique program, delivered in partnership with Green Communities Canada, supplies a dedicated facilitator to 15 schools annually to help identify travel issues and develop workable solutions in collaboration with the school community, as well as Board and City of Toronto staff.

At the same time, the City of Toronto has committed to improving safety in school zones through the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan. New installations such as enhanced pavement markings and signage will aim to increase the visibility of school zones with the goal of calming traffic. 

›       The Bike to School Project

The Bike to School Project is aimed at promoting cycling at TDSB secondary schools and is delivered through a partnership with Culturelink Settlement and Community Services.

›       Bike to School Week

Bike to School Week is a celebration of active transportation and biking and builds on the success of Bike Month. Schools participate in Bike to School Week by encouraging their students to walk and roll to school, and by holding events both inside and outside the classroom to promote the benefits of active transportation and biking.

This year, Bike to School Week is happening May 27th – May 31st, 2019.

›       Cycling Education Programs

Schools can apply to have a skills-based cycling education program presented at their school, free of charge in the spring of 2019. Visit our Cycling Supports page for more details.

›       Smart Commute

Smart Commute helps local employers and commuters explore different commute choices like carpooling, cycling and transit in an effort to ease gridlock, improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while making your commute less expensive and more enjoyable. All TDSB staff are invited to take advantage of Smart Commute’s online tool, designed to assist with planning your commute. Use the tool to explore and compare your travel options, including cycling, walking, public transit and carpooling and to calculate calories burned, CO2 emissions, and travel costs.

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