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Learning Centre 3 - Virtual Elementary School

Map of Learning Centre 3

Virtual School Directory LC3


Zorina Alli

Phyllis Jackson

Laurie Jantzi

Peter Tricarico

Lily Sarno

Centrally Assigned Principal:

Fiona Bennett

Lisa Coffey

Kenneth MacKinnon

Eckleton Richards

Phone: 416-396-2000

Addressing Your Questions and Concerns

The TDSB wants to hear your questions and concerns, and makes every effort to address them as quickly as possible. Below is the best way to talk to us, and who you should reach out to and when.

In any situation, your child’s classroom teacher is the first point of contact, followed by grade principal or vice-principal, the school superintendent and your Trustee.

Step One - Classroom Teacher

If you have any questions or concerns, the first person to go to is your classroom teacher. The classroom teacher can help with:

  • Any questions about the classroom
  • Classroom rules and consequences
  • Homework and assignments

Step Two – Grade Vice-Principal or Principal, Centrally Assigned Principal (see Directory)

 If you would like more information or you have questions that are beyond the classroom, the grade vice-principal or principal can help:

  • Concerns about an individual school
  • Student registration
  • Student schedules
  • Student suspensions
  • Report card concerns
  • Classroom concerns
  • Code of Conduct
  • Safety and security
  • Budget and fundraising
  • Parent Engagement

Step Three – Virtual School Superintendents (see Directory)

Superintendents are responsible for the four Learning Centre Virtual Schools. They support school staff and can be contacted if you have questions that have not been answered or for help with:

  • Alternate attendance request
  • Suspension appeals



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