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COVID-19 in Schools

What happens if there’s a COVID-19 case in my child’s class and/or an outbreak in the school?

The TDSB is waiting on direction from the Ministry of Education and Toronto Public Health with respect to outbreak protocols.


Will Itinerant educators have a schedule assigned to them to minimize moving from school to school, and will support both remotely and in person following physical distancing and cohorting guidelines? Can a prep teacher teach ALL classes in the school?

As per Ministry guidance, staff are permitted to go into classrooms and multiple schools to provide the full breadth of programming for students. As we did during the 2020/21 school year, we will endeavour to keep staff movement to a minimum where possible.

What does lunch time look like in schools?

Students and staff are encouraged to have breaks/lunch outside, weather conditions permitting. Staff/students may eat outdoors without physical distancing. Staff/students taking breaks/lunch indoors must stay within their cohort and maintain physical distance. All students should bring their own water bottle and it is encouraged that the bottle be labelled and not shared throughout the day. Secondary students are permitted to eat off school property.

Will elementary lunch be in classrooms or in gyms/cafeterias and will the students be cohorted?

Students will remain in their cohorts, maintaining physical distancing from other cohorts, when eating lunch indoors. 


Will there be a School Outbreak Plan?

The Ministry of Education and TPH will be providing updated guidance on school outbreak protocols shortly. 


Where can I find out what schools have confirmed cases?

The TDSB will continue to update the COVID-19 Advisories website daily with active confirmed COVID-19 cases in TDSB schools.

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