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Grade 6

When selecting curriculum resources, TDSB educators are reminded of their responsibilities to:


TDSB Digital Instructional Resources and Resource Information

TDSB educators are encouraged to utilize the licenced curriculum resources readily available through the TDSB Virtual Library and those found on the TDSB Digital Learning Resources Site. TDSB licenced resources have been reviewed for privacy and security and our licenses permit the use of these copyrighted resources by our students and staff.


TDSB Board-Wide Licenced Resources TDSB Virtual Library - Read Watch Learn

Resources Curated by subject and grade TDSB Virtual Library - Find

French Language Resources TDSB Virtual Library - Français

TDSB Licensed Video TDSB Streaming Video

TDSB Department Websites and Educator Resources TDSB Virtual Library Educator

List of TDSB Licenced Digital Learning Resources TDSB Digital Learning Resources Site

Virtual Library Support Site TDSB Virtual LIbrary Support Site


In addition to the licenced curriculum resources located in the TDSB Virtual Library, the remote learning resources pages include a number of curriculum resources that are operated by organizations outside of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). Reference to these resources does not imply endorsement. These organizations are solely responsible for the operation and information found on their sites. It is essential that TDSB educators accessing these resources, review all of the policies, procedures, and information listed above prior to use.


Grade 6 Arts

Grade 6 Literacy

Grade 6 Mathematics

Grade 6 Science

Grade 6 Social Studies

Grade 6 Health and Physical Education

Grade 6 Core French

Grade 6 French Immersion/Extended French

A Toolkit for Selecting Equitable and Culturally Relevant and Responsive Resources

Special Education Reference Documents

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