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Pre-Registration Questions and Answers

Why are you asking parents/guardians to register again?
The TDSB began a pre-registration process earlier this month to learn which students planned to attend school in-person in September and which students planned to take part in fully remote learning. Since that time, there have been new government announcements that have led to significant changes to the learning models and more information is available to help inform parents/guardians in making this decision. Therefore, the TDSB is now asking parents/guardians to make a final decision and register their children to attend school in-person or choose remote learning through the Virtual School. Learn more about what in-school and virtual learning will look like at the elementary and secondary level.


I have already completed the pre-registration survey and my decision hasn’t changed. Do I still need to complete the second survey?
All parents/guardians must complete this registration, including those who have already filled out the pre-registration survey sent earlier this month. This is important so that your school can create accurate class lists and staff appropriately.


What does the registration process look like?
On August 26, parents/guardians with an email address on file will receive a link to register their children online. Only parents/guardians who do not have an email address on file or who do not complete the online registration before the deadline (Saturday, August 29 at 1 p.m.) will receive an automated registration phone call. If you do not register your child before the deadline, you can contact your school directly to register for in-school or remote learning.


Where can I find information about what in-school learning and remote learning (Virtual School) will look like in September?
Learn more about elementary and secondary in-school learning and remote learning through the Virtual School.


Is this a formal registration for classes in September?
Yes. This is formal registration for classes in September. We are asking parents/guardians to confirm if their children will be returning to in-school learning or remote learning through the Virtual School. This important information is needed now so that schools have enough time to plan classes and staffing for the upcoming school year.


If I don’t complete the registration, is my child still a TDSB student?
Yes. However, not completing the registration means that your school has to reach out to you directly to get this required information.


After completing the online or phone registration, can I change my mind BEFORE the first day of school?
Requests to change models (in-school vs. remote) before the first day of school can be made by contacting schools directly.


Can my child switch between in-school and remote (virtual school) learning during the school year?
We recognize that parents/guardians and/or students may want to switch between in-person learning and Virtual School. It is important to note that, for health and safety reasons, and because of the impact switching would have on staffing, physical distancing and space allocation, it will not be possible to immediately transition between the two models. As a result, opportunities to enter the Virtual School or to return to in-person learning will be provided at key dates during the school year. See the dates for elementary and secondary transitions. 


How do I request transportation once my child returns to in-school learning from the Virtual School?
If your child was previously registered for student transportation, please contact your school to request transportation again. If your child is not registered for student transportation, please complete a transportation application and submit to your school.


Is the electronic link to the registration form shareable?
The link to register online is unique to each child. It cannot be shared as it is connected to an individual student through a unique student identification number.


I have more than once child in the TDSB. Can I just complete one registration?
Parents/guardians with more than one child will receive one email per child and will be required to complete a separate registration for each child.


Can I access this information in different languages?
Information about the registration process was sent in an email to parents/guardians on Friday, August 21. This information will be translated into 20 different languages and posted to the Registration page. In addition, the online registration form can be translated into multiple languages using Google Translate.


I haven't received a registration email for my child. What should I do?
The online registration form was emailed to all parents/guardians who have an email address on file with the TDSB. Please check your spam or junk folder for the email. Automated registration phone calls will be sent to parents/guardians who do not have an email address on file with the TDSB or who do not complete the online registration by August 29 at 1 p.m. If you do not receive an email or phone call to register by September 3, please contact your school directly to confirm your registration for September. After the registration process ends, school will follow up directly with parents/guardians who have not completed the registration.


How will my child’s registration be confirmed?
When the electronic survey is completed, you will receive an email confirming the name of your child and your selection for September (in-person or virtual).

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