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Elementary Reorganization Q&A

Please see the update sent to parents/guardians on October 6, 2020 for more information about the reorganization process. 

Q: Why are some in-person classes being combined or collapsed?

A: The TDSB has set targeted class size limits as follows: JK/SK classes – 24 students, Grades 1 to 3 – 20 students, and Grades 4 to 8 – 27 students. Currently, we have a large number of classes significantly below these targets, meaning that we have more teachers than are needed at in-person schools and we have nearly 63,000 students learning in the Elementary Virtual School. We need to ensure that our teachers are deployed to where students are learning and balance class sizes.


Q: My child attends in-person school. Why is my child getting a different teacher?

A: Since we have more teachers than we need for in-person schools, we are moving them to the Virtual School. This means we have to reorganize some classes, which in some cases will mean students will have a different teacher.


Q: My child attends in-person school and is getting a new teacher. How will they know where my child is in terms of the curriculum?

A: The start of elementary school was phased in the week of September 15, with all grades starting by Monday, September 21. Students will have been in their current classes for approximately 3 weeks before these changes take effect. Teachers are very experienced in understanding where students are in terms of the curriculum, and they will use teaching and learning strategies to support students during this transition. 


Q: How many students switched between in-person learning and the Virtual School at the first key date?

A: There were originally 58,271 elementary students in the Virtual School. After the first key date for switching, an additional 7,882 students switched to the Virtual School and 2,921 switched to in-person school.


Q: My child is in the Virtual School. Why is my child getting a new teacher?

A: More students than anticipated opted for the Virtual School. We used temporary/occasional teachers to fill the classes. Now that we have more permanent teachers than we need for in-person schools, we are replacing some of temporary/occasional teachers in the Virtual School with permanent teachers from in-person schools.


Q: My child is in the Virtual School and has yet to be assigned a teacher or a class. Will my child have priority to have a teacher as a result of these changes?

Yes. Students who originally opted for Virtual School will have first priority for a teacher/class.


Q: My child just switched to the Virtual School. Will they be waiting for a teacher?

A: Possibly. As a result of reorganization and moving teachers from in-person schools to the Virtual School, we expect to have enough teachers during the week of October 13.However, should there be a delay, we will be providing additional asynchronous (independent) learning resources for students until a teacher has been assigned.


Q: My child is in French Immersion/Extended French in the Virtual School and has been waiting for a French-language teacher. Will the changes described above and the movement of teachers from in-person to the Virtual School result in more French Language teachers?

A: Yes. The changes will result in more French Languages teachers.


Q: My child is in the Virtual School. If I have a new teacher how will they know where the class is in terms of the curriculum?

A: The current occasional/temporary teacher will be teamed up with the new permanent teacher to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for students.

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