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Mask and Face Covering Requirements For TDSB Students and Staff

In response to rising confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Toronto, the GTA and elsewhere in Ontario, health agencies, and provincial and municipal governments are reviewing and updating health and safety measures in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus. The TDSB is also reviewing its health and safety measures and making changes where needed. The TDSB’s COVID-19 Mask Procedure - PR730 (formerly TDSB Mask Guidelines) has been updated in light of increases in confirmed COVID-19 cases, as well as confirmed cases among school staff and students. The Procedure has also been updated to provide additional direction regarding mask exemption requests. Important changes are highlighted in yellow throughout the updated COVID-19 Mask Procedure.

The TDSB's COVID-19 Mask Procedure has been developed to address our collective responsibility to follow public health and Ministry of Education requirements known to be effective in combatting the transmission of COVID-19. Unless an exemption applies that would allow a student, staff or visitor to attend in person without a mask, the wearing of appropriate masks is mandatory at TDSB schools or buildings. This Procedure provides direction to superintendents, principals, managers, staff, visitors, parents and students on the TDSB’s mask requirements and exemption requests.

Read the TDSB’s updated COVID-19 Mask Procedure (PR730)

Young students wear masks inside their classroom while doing school work

Mask Guidelines

Toronto Public Health states:

Wearing masks/face coverings can be an added public health measure for containing the spread of COVID-19 when it is used in combination with frequent handwashing, physical distancing and staying home when sick.

The risk of spreading COVID-19 is greater indoors as there is less air flow and ventilation, more crowding, and a greater chance of touching surfaces that have been contaminated by respiratory droplets.

Wearing masks or face coverings indoors helps us keep our respiratory droplets to ourselves to prevent spreading germs to others. There is also evidence that cloth masks can reduce the spread of respiratory droplets into the air and landing on surfaces. Jurisdictions that have legislated mandatory masks have seen a decrease in new COVID-19 cases. 

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