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Chinese Heritage Month at the TDSB – February 2023

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TDSB’s Chinese Heritage Month is proudly recognized in February each year. During this month, several learning resources and educational opportunities will be provided to our students and staff to further enhance their knowledge of the Chinese heritage. 

This year, two significant events will be highlighted to mark Chinese Heritage Month.

The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is one of the most significant holidays for Chinese communities around the world.  The date is selected by the traditional lunisolar Chinese calendar and the celebration lasts 16 days.  This year marks the Year of the Rabbit, which began on Sunday, January 22, 2023. At TDSB, the theme Year of the Rabbit:  Kind, Generous, and Harmonious is being celebrated.

All TDSB students were invited to submit images to reflect the theme. The winning posters are attached.

This year, the Chinese Heritage Committee selected a second theme: Honouring a Legacy of Conviction and Fortitude to mark the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923 (known as the Chinese Exclusion Act). This Act restricted all people of Chinese descent from immigrating into Canada for 24 years with only 15 Chinese immigrants allowed entry into Canada from 1923 to 1946.  Parliament officially repealed the act on May 14, 1947 and in 2006, the Government of Canada issued an official apology to Chinese Canadians.

The discriminatory impact of the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923, the progress made afterward despite it, and excerpts of the Government of Canada’s official apology are highlighted in the PowerPoint presentation.

All TDSB students and staff were also invited to submit a 1-minute video highlighting the legacy of a Chinese Canadian who has faced adversity and demonstrated fortitude.  Submissions are currently being collected and a selection of the entries will be posted shortly.  

Please follow us on twitter @tdsbChineseHM.

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