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Celebration of Learning @ Shoreham Public Sports and Wellness Academy

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On June 15, students from Shoreham Public Sports and Wellness Academy took part in a very special Celebration of Learning assembly where they showcased the work that they have accomplished this year using technology.

Members of the community attended this interactive assembly and got to see firsthand some of the creative projects that students have been working on using iPads and Chromebooks that were purchased this year thanks to a group of very generous donors.


Shoreham PS student pose holding the technology they used to create projects that supported their learning throughout the year.


Shoreham Public Sports and Wellness Academy was able to purchase 200 iPads with cases, 30 Chromebooks and 60 device carts because of donations received last year. As a result, all Shoreham students were given their own device to support their learning for the year. This supports the school and the TDSB’s commitment to facilitating equitable access to learning for all students.

Thanks to these donations, Shoreham students were able to experience deep learning opportunities, supported by technology, which we know leads to improved achievement. Students used technology to work collaboratively to solve problems and demonstrate their creativity.

Using iPads, Chromebooks and an extensive suite of digital tools, students engaged in a creative process to share their perspectives on community, culture and language. Through a series of projects, students explored their identity and created artefacts that reflect their unique stories. Some of the projects showcased by students at the Celebration of Learning included:

  • Students used Clips to create personal narratives that shared their favourite qualities of their community, culture and personal identity.
  • Students used iPads to craft a “photo essay” that captured the places and faces of Shoreham and share their unique perspectives on their community
  • Students explored the strengths of their identity by using Keynote to draw and animate a self-portrait to share a quality of their character

The Shoreham PS community and the TDSB would like to thank the following donors for their generous donations that had such a big impact on student learning this year:

  • John and Susan Francis
  • David Granovsky (Grand Slam Pro Am)
  • Tom & Liz Kennedy
  • Sandeep Lal
  • Deepa & Sanjay Nakra
  • Anu & Pradeep Sood
  • Mary Jane & Paul Torrie

Four images from the Celebration of Learning at Shoreham PS of students showcasing their projects to members of the community, including donors and staff.