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Rosedale Heights School of the Arts (GR. 09-12)

Health and Safety (H&S) workplace inspections are conducted every month in all of our 582 operating schools. Below you can find the H&S reports for your school, for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.  More information and Frequently Asked Questions

Date Inspected10/31/20
Location in Schoolwellness room
Health & Safety Issue Observedfurniture being brought in from home
Health & Safety Issue DetailsThe wellness room has two carpets, a large couch, some sort scent making device and it looks like someone is using it as an office. Wellness room can not be a shared space. It needs to be able to be sanitized.
Corrective ActionPrincipals to refer to the TDSB Housekeeping Memo, found on the OH&S Webpage. TDSB does not allow furniture to be brought in from home.
Corrective Action TakenWellness room being move to another location
Action Taken ByPrincipal
Date Action Taken11/05/20
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