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ALPHA Alternative Junior School (GR. JK-06)

Health and Safety (H&S) workplace inspections are conducted every month in all of our 582 operating schools. Below you can find the H&S reports for your school, for the 2021-2022 school years.  More information and Frequently Asked Questions

Date Inspected07/21/20
Location in SchoolAsphalt Areas
Health & Safety Issue Observeduneven surface - driveway, parking lot, walkway, or other
Health & Safety Issue DetailsAsphalt area directly outside exit 2C on north side play ground area of building. Pooling water due to uneven surface. Despite previous asphalt repair the surface outside Exit 2C remains uneven so much so that water pools around door and has at times drained into the school.
Corrective ActionCaretaker to take corrective action, repair or generate SAP Notification (record the number).
Corrective Action TakenI have put in 2 or 3 different notifications regarding this major water issue #13422782 in 2019.....#13454204 in Jan 2020. D&C has worked on the asphalt but the problem still exists with water pooling in front of the playground door and when we have heavy rain it flows down the staircase into the school not to mention forming ice in the winter. This really needs to be rectified as staff have been taking pictures & videos stating major safety issues with this.**** UPDATE ***Also put in a notification On July 24th,2020..#13509298
Action Taken ByCaretaker
Date Action Taken09/01/20
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