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Etobicoke Collegiate Institute (GR. 09-12)

Health and Safety (H&S) workplace inspections are conducted every month in all of our 582 operating schools. Below you can find the H&S reports for your school, for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 school years.  More information and Frequently Asked Questions

Date Inspected01/29/21
Location in SchoolBoiler
Health & Safety Issue Observedextinguisher - tag missing or annual inspection more than 3 months overdue
Health & Safety Issue DetailsIn what is presumably the old boiler room by 160 (gym), the fire extinguisher annual inspection is outdated (March 2019). Even if this room is not in use, the extinguisher requires its annual inspection. Monthly inspections are all up-to-date. Probably the extinguisher annual inspector just missed this one.
Corrective ActionCaretaker to take corrective action, repair or generate SAP Notification (record the number).
Corrective Action Takentag was replaced with new one.
Action Taken ByCaretaker
Date Action Taken02/08/21
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