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Runnymede Collegiate Institute

Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum:  No Steps Backward

Academic excellence and enthusiastic student involvement have been traditional at Runnymede for over 90 years. With a student population of around 650, Runnymede is an ideal size for each student to be recognized on individual merits and as an active participant in our school community. This feeling of “belonging” is strengthened by involvement in the full range of school activities available to interested students. While a sense of community is stressed, every effort is made to recognize and develop individual abilities and interests. Through a traditional emphasis on excellence in education, Runnymede Collegiate is committed to achieving the highest standards in academic endeavours and developing sound fundamental skills. 

Runnymede is committed to providing the most enriched education possible for all students and developing responsible members of society who will think clearly, feel deeply and act wisely. We encourage parental and community support in attaining these goals and invite parents and guardians to visit the school on an informal basis and to join us at our formal Parent Interviews.

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