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York Memorial Collegiate Institute

 Macte Nova Virture

Since our doors first opened in 1929, York Memorial Collegiate Institute has earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Our wide range of course offerings, an extensive extra-curricular program, and a traditional year-long timetable continue to attract students from across Toronto.  In addition, York Memorial offers students specialized programs that include the R.U.S.H. (Roadmap to University Success with Honours) Pre - AP and Advanced Placement (AP) programs. 

Academic Pathways
York Memorial C.I. currently offers enhanced pathway courses in its grade 9  compulsory classes (English, Geography, French, Math & Science).  Students in the regular grade 9 program will take these courses at the academic level. This will ensure that every student will have all possible options open to them before choosing their post-secondary pathway. 
We recognize that students enter grade 9 with different learning needs. We believe that by setting high expectations, providing additional support for all students and using teaching strategies that meet individual student’s needs, our students will be in the best possible position to successfully achieve their credits.    

York Memorial Collegiate Institute Photo
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