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Lucy McCormick Senior School

Together, we care and believe.  Individually, we learn and achieve.

At  Lucy McCormick Senior School, we provide a safe, caring, barrier free environment for students aged 12 to 21 who have developmental disabilities and developmental & developmental and physical disabilities.  A multidisciplinary team approach is used to support learners in accessing the Alternative Curriculum.  Each classroom team includes one Teacher and 1.5  Ed. Assistants. Some classes additionally utilize Child and Youth Workers and Blind/Deaf Intervenors. Our School Support Team is comprised of a Psychoeducational Consultant, a Speech & Language Pathologist, and Occupational & Physiotherapy professionals. These personnel work in consultation with classroom teams to implement programming recommendations. 

All students receive an individualized educational program designed to foster participation and independence through the development of expressive/receptive language skills, functional academics,skills related to activities of daily living and self regulation/adaptive skills.
At Lucy McCormick we believe in creating a vibrant, inclusive and safe school environment by welcoming parents, volunteers, community college students and secondary co-op students to work in partnership with staff.

Lucy McCormick Senior School Photo