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Ryerson Community School

"Ryerson Community School...where you belong."

Egerton Ryerson, the founder of Ontario's public education system, founded Ryerson Community School in 1877.   Ryerson studied various education systems in the U.S., England, and Europe and combined the best of these to develop his own system in Ontario.  Today, Ryerson Community School is a vibrant and diverse K to 8 school, both culturally and linguistically. We are the 1999 recipients of the Ruth Atkinson Hindmarsh Award for excellence in community based programming. In 2008, Ryerson received the prestigious Anne Hope Award for our commitment to promoting social justice, human rights, and anti-racist education. We celebrated our 125th Anniversary Celebration in 2002.  Our motto is "Ryerson Community School...Where you belong."

Opening September 2012, The Downtown Vocal Music Academy (VMA) is housed in Ryerson Community School.  The DVMA helps shape our future musicians and artists.  This unique program in the TDSB engages students with a passion for music and performance.  Singing, creating and performing are at the core of the VMA for boys and girls with a passion for self expression through performance.  Students will experience music from around the world and learn about the musicians and music that have shaped our world, history and culture.

Ryerson Community School Photo
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