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Cottingham Junior Public School

Cottingham, "the heart of the community".

Cottingham P.S was established in 1890.  This small school has a long history of providing excellent programs to a well established and involved parent community.  Cottingham P.S aspires to providing a learning environment that fosters academic excellence in literacy and numeracy through collaborative inquiry and differentiated instruction.  We are committed to enhancing each child's sense of self-worth, appreciation and understanding of our diverse Canadian culture. We endeavour to support all children by providing a rich, enhanced learning environment with a very keen focus on the arts, technology and sports.  Our staff and parents work in mutual advocacy to ensure our children are happy and appreciate the love of  life-long learning.   

During the 2015/2016 school year, Cottingham P.S became a member of the WE organization.  Our Cottingham World Changers foster social awareness by THINKING GLOBALLY and ACTING LOCALLY. During the year, our students participate in several endeavours helping those in need locally and around the world. 
At Cottingham, we believe in creating optimistic classrooms.We use the MIND UP curriculum to help our students become resilient, and mindful learners in and out of the classroom. We help students  develop skills to live smarter, healthier and happier lives. We also offer Yoga monthly to help students cope with the stresses they may face in school, at home and in their communities. 

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