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Walter Perry Junior Public School

Walter Perry " A Great Place to Be"

Walter Perry Junior Public School, is located in the Scarborough Junction community on Falmouth Avenue south of Eglinton. The school first opened in 1954. The school is named after a prominent community leader William Walter Perry. At Walter Perry, we work together to make our school "a great place to be!"

  • At Walter Perry, the staff is dedicated to supporting all children and parents in our community to ensure that each student achieves academic, athletic, social and interpersonal success
  • Walter Perry is a Model Inner City School as designated by the Ministry and focusing on student and parent engagement.
  •  We are a TRIBES and Character Development school promoting  the ten  TDSB character attributes.

Walter Perry continues its involvement in the Teaching Learning Critical Pathway process, we actively engage in teacher moderation in assessment and planning. We have increased our focus on the use of success criteria and descriptive feedback. Our staff share ideas and practise's at regularly scheduled multi school hub meetings. Walter Perry continues to use the highly engaging and interactive Promethean white board technology and a greater number of staff are being trained in its use.