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John A Leslie Public School

The motto of John A. Leslie P.S. is "living to learn, learning to live."

Our school, John A. Leslie Public School, which opened in 1923, is located at Midland Avenue and Kingston Road. During its history, the school has had 5 additions. Our school is named in honour of John A. Leslie, a local resident who served as trustee and M.P.P. Our school serves 525 Junior Kindergarten to grade 8 pupils. We are proud of our diversity.  John A. Leslie Public School offers English programs in all grades, English as a Second Language instruction, Primary, Junior and Intermediate special education programs and Extended French starting in grade 4.  An independent non-profit daycare centre is housed in the building.

Our mission at John A. Leslie Public School is to provide the foundation for students to become responsible, creative, self-sufficient learners and to nurture partnerships among students, parents, staff and the community.
We believe that :
- everyone is able to learn
- learning through inquiry is beneficial for students
- learning and self-esteem are increased when people are in respectful and caring relationships with others who accept them as individuals
- each individual is ultimately responsible for his or her own choices and actions
- the family plays a significant role in the development of the individual

John A Leslie Public School Photo