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Parkview Alternative School

Grades: 9-12, Quadmestered
Approx. Enrolment: 90

Parkview Alternative School serves the need of re-engaging at-risk youth, 16-20 years of age, with few completed credits. We offer applied courses from Grade 9-12. At Parkview, the year is divided into four sessions. Each session is 45 days in length which enables you to complete two credits per session. Students may enter the program at four distinct points throughout the year: February, April, September, and November.

The program offers a small supportive learning environment. The guidance counsellor provides academic, personal and career counselling to prepare students for making better life choices and successful transitions to other school programs. There is access to a nutrition program for breakfast and lunch.
Students have opportunities to complete a variety of high school credits, recover credits, use a computer lab, and participate in co-operative education and workplace situations.Upon completion of the program students may transition to other TDSB school programs, the workplace or apprenticeships.
Our dedicated staff are always willing and available to provide extra assistance and tutoring.

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