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Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute

"Ne Obliviscaris"  Forget Not

Albert Campbell C.I. has established a tradition of excellence.  Our staff and our programs focus on student success. We are proud of our reputation as providing an academically challenging and supportive learning environment. Our curriculum focuses on performance and prepares students for university, college and the world of work. 

We have a full range of programs and extra-curricular activities to provide all students with the Albert Campbell Experience:   Academics, Community and Engagement.

The Albert Campbell Experience
Eighty-five percent of students from ACCI who apply to university are accepted into their program of choice. Our students graduate with an appreciation of:

Learning –   Our students become well rounded and broadly educated in a wide range of subjects, including art, music, literature and drama.

Respect and Caring of Self and Others – Students learn to work co-operatively with others, focusing on personal strengths and limitations as they become responsible citizens.

The strong and varied academic and co-curricular programs, an important tradition at Campbell, provide many opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop their talents and build academic and leadership service skills.

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