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Zion Heights Middle School

 -Striving for Excellence

Zion Heights MS has had a long and distinguished history of academic excellence. We pride ourselves on the diverse programs we offer to students. Zion provides special education programs (giftedness) as well as significant support for students new to Canada who are adding English to their language repertoire.

Literacy and Mathematics are the cornerstones of the school's excellent reputation. In addition, a broad curriculum-based program is offered with significant emphasis on the arts, athletics, integrated technologies, and exploratory subjects. Numerous co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are also offered which further develops the personal and social learning skills of our students.

Our teaching staff offer and support a very exciting and rigorous program. Our Mission is to promote student success and a positive attitude by offering engaging and challenging programs that emphasize knowledge acquisition and skill development in a multicultural, safe and caring environment.
To complement our Code of Behaviour, Zion students and staff live by the “Pillars of the Pride” where we emphasize Zion Respect, Zion Kindness and Zion Pride. Pillars of the Pride reflect the attitudes and values of the learning environment at Zion that we should all strive to achieve.