PHONE NUMBER: (416) 393-8240

GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Virtual Secondary School's Mission Statement

TDSB Virtual Secondary School provides students with an alternative option to obtain a quality education delivered through a fully remote online learning model.  Consistent with the core values of the TDSB, we have an unwavering commitment to Equity, Achievement, and Well-Being of each and every student.

We believe in nurturing the needs of the whole learner. We offer a diverse academic program focussed on fostering a strong sense of community online, promoting digital citizenship, and building upon various global competencies for our 21st Century Learners.

 The TDSB Virtual Secondary School is fully online and staffed by TDSB teachers, a principal, vice-principals, guidance counsellors and support staff. 


The school is still committed to providing students a wide range of opportunities to participate in extracurricular clubs and activities that foster the development of strong leadership abilities.

More Information About Virtual Secondary School

Enhanced pathway

Virtual Secondary School currently offers enhanced pathway courses in its grade 9 compulsory classes. This will guarantee that each student has access to all possibilities before deciding on a post-secondary pathway. 

We are aware that each student has unique learning needs when they begin ninth grade. Our students will be in the greatest possible position to successfully complete their credits if we establish high goals, offer additional help to all students, and adapt our teaching methods to each student's needs.

Communication between home and school

Our teachers are approachable and responsive to the needs of the students. Because we understand and value that a partnership between teachers, students, and parents/guardians produces the best results, we strongly promote open communication between home and school.

Safe and welcoming

The student body at Virtual Secondary School is diverse and active, and the school is safe and welcoming. In the digital environment, we work hard to build a strong feeling of community where students from all around the city and the globe will have the chance to develop.

Caring teachers and support staff

Strong academic excellence is something that our teachers are committed to. Students who have caring teachers and support staff grow to love learning. 

Student Life - Where You Belong