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GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Runnymede Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

Academic excellence and enthusiastic student involvement have been traditional at RCI for over 92 years. With a student population of around 500, Runnymede is an ideal size for each student to be recognized on individual merits and as an active participant in our school community. This feeling of “belonging” is strengthened by involvement in the full range of school activities available to interested students. While a sense of community is stressed, every effort is made to recognize and develop individual abilities and interests.

We are committed to providing the most enriched education possible for all students and developing responsible members of society who will think clearly, feel deeply and act wisely.

Award Winning FIRST Robotics Team

Team 1310 is in it's 15th season of providing students with a positive, engaging and exciting extracurricular experience where they design and build robots to compete in various business and engineering challenges. Our team qualifies to compete at the FIRST Robotics World Championships year after year. Team 1310 has won numerous awards, accolades and competitions including Industrial Design, Creativity, Controls and Automation, Spirit and Innovation in Control Awards.

With over 70 participants and three Strategy, Communications and Build Division sub-teams, there is a place for everyone on Team 1310! 

More Information About Runnymede Collegiate Institute

Specialist High Skills Major Programs (SHSM)

Students at RCI have access to two exceptional Specialist High Skills Major programs, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT SHSM) and the Justice, Community, Safety and Emergency Services (JCSE SHSM) Specialist High Skills Majors.

In these programs, students will have many opportunities to take on leadership roles and work in teams to produce industry level projects, practicing the critical thinking skills needed for careers in this sector. Students will focus their education on gaining skills, experience and industry recognized certifications while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Championship Sports & Athletics Program

With a rich history of athletics, we have led in many team accomplishments along with developing many individuals to further their academic & athletic careers. With approximately 20 teams and over 100 athletes annually, our staff and Runnymede Athletic Council ensure that the Runnymede athletic experience is second to none in the TDSB. We take pride in our athletics!

The Arts

RCI is proud to offer a comprehensive and diverse focus on Arts Programming which enables our students to explore and experience all forms of the Fine Arts. Students have the opportunity to study the following: Band, Strings, Steel Pan, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Vocal, Dance, Drama, Photography, Visual Arts, Digital Media Arts. 

Our teachers are specialists in their fields and place great significance on delivering the highest caliber of Arts Education and its standards.  We provide our students with extracurricular opportunities in the Arts including: Musical Theatre, Music Production, Dance Creation and Production and Tech Production.


Reading For Explicit Change (RFEC)

Reading For Explicit Change (RFEC). The staff at RCI are committed to dismantling and confronting anti-black and anti-indigenous racism through our work in Reading For Explicit Change.

We are committed to creating an environment that is intellectually and socially safe by understanding our culture and diversity as assets, making space for student voice and agency and by using culturally relevant material and promoting social justice.

Additional Features

  • Partnerships with U of T
  • Student Leadership
  • Award winning FIRST Robotics Team
  • French Certificate
  • Swimming Pool & Fitness Facility
  • Co-operative education

Student Life - Where You Belong


Runnymede is proud to offer over a variety of extra-curricular activities in which our students are continually expanding and developing their leadership skills and global competencies. We understand and place great value in cultivating and nurturing skillful, intelligent and resourceful students. At RCI, there is something for everyone:  Runnymede Student Council (RUSTCO), Black Students' Association (BSA), Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA), RCI Change Makers, Runnymede Athletic Council, Runnymede Arts Council,  Yearbook Club, Music Club, Tech Crew, THRIVE, FIRST Robotics and many sports teams and intramurals including badminton, basketball, cross country, softball, soccer, swimming, volleyball and track and field.  Every day, students demonstrate the TDSB character attributes as they cooperate with each other, practice teamwork, fundraise, and create lasting friendships.


Runnymede Collegiate is proud of its culturally diverse community where rights, respect and responsibility are valued and where learning and teaching in a safe environment are top priorities. Our dynamic staff is committed to ensuring that our graduates are prepared for success in all post-secondary endeavours.


Our committed Runnymede School Council meets on a monthly basis to discuss, share, strategize and develop action plans to address the needs of the school and our school community. Staff, students, administrators, parents and community members share their collective expertise to enhance the learning and extra-curricular opportunities for our students. Our School Council is dedicated to our parent and guardian community, and facilitating, hosting and providing relevant parent workshops and guest speakers for our community.