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GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12



York Humber High School's Mission Statement

York Humber has an outstanding educational program focussing on career, life and employability skills for students. Our goal is to help all of our students become responsible, respectful citizens, both in school and in the larger community. 
We offer students many Experiential Learning opportunities including Green Industries, Food Services, Cosmetology, Auto Shop, and  Carpentry. We have a growing Cooperative Education department where students can develop real world experiences and skills towards graduation and many other courses designed to increase employability, literacy and numeracy skills.  We offer a wide variety of elective courses to capitalize on student interest as well as academics. 

Our students receive personalized behavioural, academic and career programming, based on their own learning and developmental needs. We offer small classes to support student's development, communication and personalized needs. We are a safe and caring school, with an emphasis on developing self-confidence, self-advocacy, self-awareness, self-esteem and self-sufficiency. We believe in good character promoting our 4R's with our Students- Respect, Responsibility, Relationship and Restraint.

Experiential Learning Program

We believe that people learn by doing – so we do a lot! Our focus at York Humber is on Experiential Learning where students use tools and create, work in our community, practice their employment skills, and participate in CO-OP programs.  Students in our Green Energies course have been installing and growing plants in our Hydroponic towers, greenroom and gardens.  The Leadership class organizes a food drive for the community.  We offer an annual “Take Your Kids to Work" Day field trip for our Grade 9 students to explore real world job opportunities and career possibilities. 

More Information About York Humber High School

Work Skills

York Humber is dedicated to offering students choice and opportunity. Our Pathways include Work, Apprenticeship, College and Community Living. Our careers Co-op preparatory course helps to make students work-ready, and prepares them for our highly valued Co-op job placement program in their senior years of high school.

Students learn about workplace safety and responsibilities, and then have the opportunity to earn both high school credits and/or work experience in the community. Students have been employed in a wide range of jobs from working with computers to child care, from pet grooming to sports stores and restaurants to automotive shops. This is a great bridge for our students to progress in a supported way from school to work. Students may return for a second or even third Co-op experience to explore many career choices.

Information Technology

Students at York Humber have assistive software and adaptive equipment to help them develop their literacy and numeracy skills.  These programs and learning aids can make printed words bigger and easier to read, and can even recognize students’ voices and type what they dictate. 

We have a wide range of Smart Boards, Mobis, iPads, computer labs and wireless access. Our supportive staff can help students learn to use these programs in our Resource Centre, which is open throughout the day.

Community Supports

York Humber’s staff continually works to create a caring, safe, and  equitable school environment.  We are partners with a number of community organizations including Griffin Centre, Toronto Public Health, Toronto Police Services, Community Living, Surrey Place, Food Share, Scarlett Woods Golf Course and Humber College.

Course Offerings

York Humber High School offers both credit and non credit courses with flexible pathways towards a graduation certificate or diploma. We also offer specific skill building courses in Literacy and Numeracy to target learning gaps to support student success.

Additional Features

  • Sports Teams and Intramurals
  • Student Council/Leadership
  • Chess/Games Club
  • Art Club
  • Announcement Club
  • Dance Club
  • Homework Club
  • Boys and Girls Clubs

Student Life - Where You Belong


Join one of our many sports teams, including badminton, basketball, volleyball, softball, cross-country and soccer.  Or develop your strength and endurance in our newly refurbished, well-equipped weight room. You may also join our many lunchtime intramural sports and free time gym activities.
Breakfast Club
Healthy eating makes for better learning.  Our students can all start their morning with a variety of choices from our Breakfast program which is open to all students every morning from 8:15 am to 8:55 am. Volunteer to help at the breakfast club and earn some of your community service hours.
We are a very caring school where all our students feel welcome.  Parents and students appreciate our uniform that helps create a strong sense of belonging and ownership which has helped to build school spirit and responsibility.


York Humber offers a very supportive environment that pays attention to your child  individual needs. The school works with the many outside agencies such as Community Living and  Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs to assist in the placement of students in apprenticeship programs.   We offer you practical training support to jump start your dream of a career in the skilled trades. We encourage many field trips and leadership opportunities for our students to expand their understanding and abilities in preparation for life after school.
Our Developmental Disabilities program team works on personal independence, experiential learning, life skills as well as literacy and numeracy skills.  These classes are full of students with great enthusiasm, personalities and energy who add a tremendous amount to the life and culture of our school.


YHHS has a School Council which we encourage any interested parent to join. Close ties are established with a variety of community agencies to assist students requiring intervention to address their socio-emotional needs. These agencies include Food Share, Toronto Police, Public Health, Community Living, Jamaican Canadian Association,  Costi, YES Youth Employment services, and Frontlines.  
A quarterly newsletter communicated at reporting periods informs the York Humber community of school events, activities, School Council updates and important school initiatives.
Parent Interview Nights,  held twice a year, provide opportunities for parents to meet and discuss their son's/daughter's progress with school staff. As part of these nights we also run a Community Fair so that parents can access community supports and information to assist them with their children.