PHONE NUMBER: (416) 394-3158

GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Frank Oke Secondary School's Mission Statement

Frank Oke is a small secondary school dedicated to meeting the individual needs of students with a Mild Intellectual Disability. Our mandate is to provide an exemplary education for students in grades 9-12. Our main goal is to foster a positive personal self-image through well-structured academic and life skills programs so that all our students will become effective, responsible and successful members of society. If you want to learn in a caring,smaller environment, we have the experienced teachers and quality programs to serve you.

For students 18 to 21 years of age who have been assessed with a Developmental Disability, the Haney Centre is a small life-skills based program with experienced and caring staff who provide students with an opportunity to learn skills for independent social and self-supportive living.


Adolescents and Learning

At Frank Oke, we have developed a program based on inclusion and differentiated instruction. Students participate in activities which help them to explore their strengths and interests, as well as gain increased confidence academically, socially and personally.

More Information About Frank Oke Secondary School

Academic Program

We focus on fundamental literacy (reading, writing, speaking), numeracy (math operations, money knowledge, everyday math skills), independent living skills (self-advocacy, social skills) and employability skills. Courses are based on the Ontario Ministry of Education overall expectations as tied to student Individual Education Plans and essential skills for the work place.

Arts and Technology

Students' experiences include the following: Visual Arts,  Drama, Woodshop, Computers/Assistive Technology, and Hospitality and Culinary services. Our co-curricular activities include an annual talent show in partnership with VIBE Arts. 

Healthy Living

Regardless of a student's abilities or needs, a wide range of activities are provided for all: basketball, floor hockey and volleyball. Our program has achieved the Diamond Level Canadian Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance and has been recognized by former Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Strategies for Success

Every student is provided with the knowledge, skills and support to achieve success regardless of their individual strengths and needs. Through a variety of in-class and out-of-class supports - modified curriculum, ongoing assessment, small class sizes - students are encouraged to learn new skills that will support them in school and beyond.

Additional Features

  • Experiential Learning
  • Breakfast Program
  • Transportation for most students
  • Intramural Sports Program
  • Safe Arrival/Departure Program
  • Arts, Drama, Annual Showcase Night

Student Life - Where You Belong


"I spent four fantastic years at Frank Oke. I never felt more at home. I felt safe, cared for and happy. I was scared before going to Frank Oke. Once there, every student and teacher became my family. Frank Oke prepared me/us for good things. I was in special education classes. I was taught things that really helped me to the point that I achieved high marks and moved out of special education into regular workplace courses." Graduate
Some of our biggest supporters are our students. This is what they have to say...
" Frank Oke is a fun school. It is easy to make friends."
"At Frank Oke, the teachers are the best in the west."
"The best thing about Frank Oke is our activities. You even win trophies."
"At Frank Oke, the teachers are very nice. I like the way the teachers teach. It is not difficult to understand."


We empower our students to develop leadership skills and to engage in community participation through classroom lessons and co-curricular programs such as the Student Ambassadors, E.S.P (Empowered Student Partnerships) in collaboration with Toronto Police Services, Student Council, Boys to Men, Girl Power, and the Annual Community Seniors' Christmas Luncheon.
Our students learn and develop through our partnership with Arts for Children and Youth of Toronto where guest artists work with our staff to provide expertise in performance and instruction. Opportunities to attend Toronto Symphony Orchestra, National Ballet, Young People's Theatre and visits to art galleries are provided to enrich our students' experiences.
" My child entered Frank Oke as a sweet, but cautious socially-isolated and shy child. The support and programs at Frank Oke gave her the confidence to try, the joy of success, friends to embrace, an opportunity to be productive and a future. And Frank Oke gave us, her parents, hope. Thank you, Frank Oke!" A past chair of School Council


To ensure the success of each student, Frank Oke reaches out to its parents, guardians and community members. Communciation with parent/guardians include: phone calls, e-mail, Ministry Reports, Student Progress Reports between Ministry reporting periods, Parent Generated Progress Reports, Parent-Teacher Interview Nights and Annual IPRC Review meetings. School Council meetings are held to share concerns and to support school initiatives. Parents attend special events including: Community 'Meet & Greet', Annual Arts Night and Graduation. Parents are encouraged to communicate with community agencies as required such as Surrey Place Centre, Griffin Centre, The Association for Community Living and George Hull Centre for Children-Families. 
Frank Oke has a partnership with Police (Division 12 community officers) hosts an Annual Seniors' Christmas Luncheon, Food Drives, and the Terry Fox Run.