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Humbercrest Public School's Mission Statement

Humbercrest Public School is located in the Jane Dundas/Annette area and was established in 1915. We are a STEM-focused, dual track school offering both our regular English and French Immersion programmes from Kindergarten to Grade 8.  Our students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 live in the immediate area.  Students from King George and Warren Park join us for Grade 7 and 8.  Presently we serve a student population of approximately 700  JK to Gr. 8 students.  We believe a strong partnership between school and home is a key to providing our students with the best environment to achieve success.

School Focus

- Create a safe and welcoming environment for all students, staff and parents.
- Develop and implement Level 4 programming and learning opportunities for all students in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy through a STEM-focused, student inquiry approach.
- Enhancing the leadership role of our Middle School students through student committees, sports, extra-curricular activities, peer mentors and buddy programs.
- Using technology effectively throughout the curriculum.
- Celebrating student achievement and success.
- Recognizing and valuing the supportive role provided by parents and the community.

More Information About Humbercrest Public School

The Arts

A well rounded Arts program is an important part of the school day. At Humbercrest, we have a String and Band program, Primary Choir and various clubs and activities that allow our students to express themselves creatively.  Our commitment to the Arts can be seen on display throughout the school and showcased at our concerts and assemblies.  


Our commitment to a healthy lifestyle for all students is embedded in our physical education classes and sports teams.  Students have an opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports throughout the year. 

French Programs

French Immersion begins in Jr. Kindergarten. Applications are done online. From JK to Gr.3 all instruction is delivered in French, in Gr. 4, 40 minutes of English is introduced. From Gr. 5 on, 50% of the instruction is in English.
Core French begins in Gr. 4 and continues through to Gr. 8.  Students in the English program receive 200 min. of French instruction per week.

Character Development

Our student Council and Social Justice Committee, Green Team, PALS Playground program and multitude of activities provide our students with the opportunity to learn and develop their leadership skills. Students who demonstrate positive characteristics are recognized with student of the month certificates.  Students are encouraged to take pride in their successes.

Student Life - Where You Belong


The students at Humbercrest have a wide variety of opportunities to participate in activties outside of the classroom throughout the school year.  The many athletic teams include: basketball, volleyball, football, hockey, marathon club, soccer, softball, track and field and cross country running - with over 150 team members.
Opportunities for student leadership can be found in some of our clubs.  Students can be involved in the Equity Club, Social Justice Club or one of our Environmental Committees.  Our middle school students have the opportunity take on an increased leadership role as a member of our Student Council and its initiatives.
Our Arts program allows the creative side of our students to be expressed. Each class at Humbercrest is taught vocal, string, band or Orff skills by a music specialist. Students can participate in our popular primary choir which practises in the fall and showcases their skill at our Holiday concert. Our music night, in the spring term, provides our grade 6, 7 and 8 students with the venue to display their musical talent.


Humbercrest Public School is a busy, caring school promoting a rich and supportive learning environment for all of our English and French Immersion students.  Active parent involvement contributes to the school community through volunteer activities for all levels of students.  Our school is committed to nurturing and developing the whole child.  A rigorous academic program is enhanced by a broad range of Arts programs in Music, Drama and Visual Arts which are delivered by Specialty teachers from Kindergarten to Grade 8.  A strong athletic focus supports all students as they strive to achieve.  Over 35 competitive teams ranging from Grade 2 to 8 enrich school spirit and allow all to achieve.  The student council contributes to the school community through social justice, fundraising and school spirit activities.  A variety of clubs and lunch time activities allow for students to pursue their own interests and to remain meaningfully engaged during the unstructured times of the day.  Humbercrest is a place that all students can flourish and succeed.


Humbercrest Public School has an active parent community who support the school environment and initiatives through fundraising efforts, volunteering and assistance with special projects.  The Humbercrest School Council is the umbrella parent organization which coordinates parent activities and communication.  The SoFun Committee (Social/Fundraising Committee) organizes parent volunteers, fundraising and supports events such as Pizza Days, Carnaval, Breakfast with Santa, Bingo Nights, Dance-A-Thons and Graduation Ceremonies.  Significant financial support is provided by these efforts.  The Schoolyard Improvement Committee is devoted to the improvement of all exterior school areas including the adventure playground, all student areas, schoolyard and the front yard of the school.  Other parent committees include: Ward 7, Parents for French, Safety and ad hoc committees as necessary.