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Warren Park Junior Public School's Mission Statement

Warren Park Junior Public School was built in 1930. It was named after John "Josh" Warren who served as a Trustee for the York Township Board of Education starting in 1926. The original school consisted of 4 rooms and the first principal was Mr. W. A. Wragg.
In September 1971, two rooms in the old section of the school were taken over for the newly created Warren Park Outdoor Education Centre. In the summer of 2009, Macaulay Child Development Centres opened a school age daycare in the building.

The strong support of our families, through their participation and assistance at all of our school events, makes Warren Park JPS a great place to learn and grow. Smaller schools provide the opportunity for building strong relationships.


Our focus on the EcoSchools program has earned us a number of years of recognition as a platinum level school. We continue to seek out new ways to be stewards of our community and the earth.

We continue to seek out opportunities to promote the academic growth of our students through data analysis and support. We work toward giving every member of this school community the opportunity to be the best that they can be.

The staff are actively involved in school events and we are careful to select activities that support learning, encourage participation by all, provide opportunities to experience new things, support family involvement and are fun. We work to engage, inspire, connect with and challenge our community of learners.

Platinum Eco-School

We have recieved the designation of GOLD level ECO-School for 7 years and PLATINUM for 5 years. It is truly a whole community effort. We have worked hard to change our regular daily practice and try to continue those practices at home as well. Our Green Team helps us organize activities throughout the school year. We about environmental practices that help us better understand our place in the global community.

More Information About Warren Park Junior Public School

Balanced Literacy

The literacy program at the school includes: shared reading, guided reading, and time with our reading buddies. Our primary classes love taking part in "Frogging" twice weekly. This focussed program helps target specific areas of need to help our scholars move forward with their skills acquisition. We have plenty of books for families to share reading time at home. 

We value both our literacy and numeracy blocks that occur in the early part of the students' day. We have set up our staff timetable to ensure that we have increased support available to our learners during those critical learning blocks. Our resource and support programs operate in the classroom where students have immediate access to books, computers, iPads and our Smart Boards.

Computer Lab and Smart Board Technology

We are using technology to entice our students to inquire beyond simple solutions. We no longer house a computer lab at our school. We have chosen to distribute the technology throughout classes. In this way our students have timely access to technology as a tool for their learning.

A School for Everyone

We believe strongly in character education. Our monthly student run character assemblies are filled with stories, music and poetry that highlight the trait of the month. We also use this time to highlight school news and share upcoming events or team sports that students may wish to join.

Clubs and sports teams tend to run either during the lunch hour or after school.  The availability of activities is seasonal and depends on the passions of the staff running them. We have enjoyed activities such as track, x-country, soccer, rugby, basketball, badminton and volleyball.

Additional Programs

We also bring outside programs into the building to provide unique opportunities for our scholars. Art Heroes, Ukulele Club, and St. Albans Boys and Girls Club all provide programs for our students.

Additional Features

  • Vigorous Daily Physical Education
  • Enthusiastic Outdoor Education
  • Monitoring for our needy learners
  • Emphasis on Social Justice
  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • Focus on the Whole Child

Student Life - Where You Belong


The goal at Warren Park Junior Public School is to engage students in life at school. This includes their academic, social and physical lives.


To borrow a  phrase, this truly is a school where "everyone knows your name". We are very proud of the fact that we are part of this community's life. Visitors to the school will often comment that there is "just something about this place". Students are polite and attend to their learning in a calm and friendly manner. Teachers and students model mutual respect and as a result we find that rules are few. Reminders to consider the choices they make as being either "helpful or hurtful" guide some of the children's decision making throughout the day.
The outstanding programming provided by an excellent teaching team is the main reason for the feel of the school. Each students' needs are carefully considered and support is offered through differentiated instruction to best meet the specific needs of each learner.


Public library class visits - Use of Humber River Park areas - Outdoor Education Centre on site - Family Drop In Centre - Holiday Food Drives - Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon, Eid Celebration - Community Pot Luck Dinner - Variety of fundraising drives for outside charities and the school - Family Movie Nights - Parent Council - Regular parent volunteers who assist in classrooms and on field trips - Parent Drop-in program supported by Parent Council - Family Celebrations: Pumpkin Carving, Music nights, BBQ's, Family Fun Fair, Special Breakfasts, Winter Warm Up - Monthly pizza lunches or hot lunch days - Bingo Night, Fitness Night, Book Fairs, St. Alban's After School Club, Snack Program