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Roselands Public School's Mission Statement

Our School
Roselands Public School is located at the western edge of the high grounds known as Mount Dennis, on Jane Street south of Eglinton Avenue. For many years this land and the bordering plateau was covered in wild red roses and to the locals, it was known as the 'land of roses' or 'Roselands'.

In the fall of 1922 Roselands Public School opened its doors to the community. The school is situated on 14 spacious and well-kept acres including our unique “Memorial Grove” where 15 trees and a stone commemorate the 15 Roselands students who perished in World War II.


Modern Day Roselands


Roselands today operates as an environment in which staff, parents and the students themselves contribute to the collective success of the school.
Classes emphasise an experiential approach to learning, with the students making frequent use of our computer lab, large library collection, and opportunities for learning available in the community.
With Roselands’ rich history and modern mandate, it is no wonder that the school’s motto is “A Tradition of Excellence”.

More Information About Roselands Public School

Extended French Program: Grades 4 to 6

The Extended French program will start students on a pathway to learning in Canada’s two official languages. The program is designed for students entering in grade 4. It consists of half day French instruction in social studies and visual arts curriculum, along with an intense study of the French language. This is a  wonderful opportunity for young, inquiring minds!

TDSB Model Schools Initiative

Our staff is dedicated to creating a learning environment that supports the needs of the whole child through the use of innovative teaching and learning practices to engage students. Roselands is committed to promoting an inclusive culture that respects and reflects all aspects of the school community. The goal is to entrench the school as the heart of the community.

Eco School

Roselands' students participate in a rich environmental education program, which encourages them to develop ecological literacy while engaging students to become environmentally responsible citizens. Eco Schools helps improve school building operations to reduce environmental impacts. Students monitor energy use, waste reduction, recycling, and composting.

Additional Programs

Along with our regular day school programs, Roselands has a free Parenting and Family Literacy Centre for parents and young children. They can  participate in activities that include reading and counting, music and story time. We also have a Childcare Centre operated by the Learning Enrichment Foundation to meet before and afterschool child care needs of our parents.

Additional Features

  • International Languages Program
  • Safe Kids & Peer Pressure Workshops
  • Scientist in the Schools
  • Welcome to Kindergarten Program
  • Elmer the Safety Elephant Program
  • Arts for Children School Visits

Student Life - Where You Belong


Student Life

Students at Roselands play a vital role in creating a positive learning environment. The first thing a new student will notice is how many opportunities they have to contribute to school pride. Our sports teams are active and give the students opportunities to discover the right way to compete. Whether it’s cross-country, basketball or track and field, Roselands students compete with energy, enthusiasm, and excellent sportsmanship.

Opportunities for students to make a difference in the world around them are also a major point of emphasis at Roselands. Our different clubs take ownership for identifying and fundraising for good causes. The students themselves plan and execute initiatives that help those in need. They have done everything from running food drives during the holidays to having bake sales to help earthquake victims.

When these different opportunities are combined with a strong, experiential based education system, the result is the kind of engaged student that can be seen all throughout Roselands. Ask our students and they will tell you that Roselands rocks!


At Roselands:
Instruction is differentiated to take into account the background and experiences of all students. This allows us to meet their diverse interests, aptitudes and needs. One simple way we’ve done this is through increasing our collection of social justice and character education books. This collection, which continues to grow, has become central to our daily teaching.
Authentic experiences and experiential learning are built into all subject matters and programs. Participation in field trips, Scientist in the School programs, and even ballroom dancing give an experience base from which students can better access the curriculum.
The community sees itself represented in the curriculum, programs and culture of the school. Roselands takes pride in its view that a school must be a vibrant embodiment of its community. A few of the ways we do this are through international language classes, parent workshops, and participation with the community in a number of charitable events.


Our School Advisory Council has a full slate of parent members. Parent and community volunteers assist in classrooms, on class trips and in the library.  They also assist with school fundraising and school events, such as, our annual school fun fair, pizza and sub lunches and holiday food drives.

Community Links

· Before and after school care available through the Learning Enrichment Foundation.

· School liaison with school community police officer - 12 Division.
· Host school for student teachers and CYW's from various colleges and universities.
· Associate school for Grade 12 co-op students from local Secondary Schools.

· Liaison with the local Legion for contests and Remembrance Day.
· International languages programs in Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese.