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Fairbank Memorial Community School's Mission Statement

Fairbank Memorial Community School is located at 555 Harvie Avenue, west of Dufferin Street and south of Eglinton Avenue.  The area was originally established as the Fairbank Postal Village at the intersection of Vaughan Road at Eglinton Avenue and Dufferin Street (an early settlers' route crossing through farmland on the way to Vaughan Township). The neighbourhood has many rolling hills and steep, climbing streets.  Most of the community as it exists today was planned in the interwar years (1920s & 1930s).  The original school building was constructed in 1920, as a memorial to the young men from the Fairbank area who died during the First World War.  Additions were built in 1930, 1955, 1957, and in 1965.

School Life

At present, our school serves approximately 175 students from diverse cultural backgrounds. We have created a safe and welcoming environment which is based on kindness, caring and mutual respect.
Our motto is:  "We are Fairbank Aces...we read, respect and reach for the stars!"

More Information About Fairbank Memorial Community School

What We do:

There are 8 homeroom classes from JK to Grade 5.  In addition, the school offers special programs: Deaf/Hard of Hearing,  Primary & Junior Autism, ESL and Resource support.  Music and media literacy are also timetabled for most classes.  Our Library and computer lab are available to both students and parents.

School Focus for Improvement:

We collaborate in our Professional Learning Communities to enhance student success.  Our school improvement plan is based on current data and reflects our goals and strategies to improve student achievement in literacy and numeracy.  Our SIP also addresses issues that impact on student pathways, and provides a focus on building parent and community engagement.


School Community and Climate

Our adherence to the Future Aces' philosophy is interwoven with the TDSB’s Character Development Program.  As well, our Safe Schools Committee has redeveloped the school’s code of behaviour to promote positive interactions and enhance communication in order to create a safe, respectful and accepting learning and playing environment.



Extracurricular Opportunities

Fairbank Memorial offers opportunities for students to engage in a variety of extracurricular activities. Choir and dance instruction is offered, as well as sports activities such as basketball, soccer, cross-country running, track and field, and after-school physical literacy training.  Teachers also provide tutoring support and engage students in club activities.


Additional Features

  • Model Schools for Inner Cities
  • Artists/Scientists in the School
  • Hearing and Vision Screening
  • Drama/Dance Performances
  • Dental Screening
  • Monthly Recognition Assemblies
  • Culture Link Partnership
  • Kindergarten Snack Program

Student Life - Where You Belong


Our students embrace the Future Aces Creed and work at developing a character trait each month. Students are recognized throughout the year with mini-alert prizes and at monthly recognition assemblies as a "student of the month" where they receive a certificate to celebrate their achievements. Our students can be heard chiming our motto, "We are Future Aces! We read, respect and reach for the stars!" Our morning announcements are led by student volunteers who remind our student body of the character trait we are working on each month, and who end each announcement with the Fairbank motto.


As part of the TDSB's "Model Schools for Inner Cities" program, Fairbank Memorial is provided with additional resources and opportunities so our students can participate fully and equally in their school and community. 
The five essential components of the program are:
1.   Innovative teaching and learning practices, with a focus on "enduring understandings" and culturally responsive and relevant pedagogy
2.   Supportive services, including nutrition programs and vision/hearing clinics, to meet the social, emotional and physical well being of students
3.   Promotion of the school as the heart of the community, through the development and implementation of school-community initiatives, and the facilitation of parent participation in the MSIC Parent Academy
4.   Research, review and evaluation of students and programs to highlight concrete and substantive progress and remove or lower external barriers to achievement
5.   Commitment to share successful practice in a variety of ways in order to increase leadership capacity at all levels


At Fairbank Memorial, parents are encouraged to be partners with staff to facilitate the educational, emotional, physical and social development of their children.  Parent volunteers assist in classrooms, on field trips, at co-curricular activities and during sporting events.  We have an active School Council that oversees fundraising events to support the implementation of school-wide and classroom enrichment activities.   Fairbank Memorial staff and students benefit from community relationships with the Public Library, Toronto Parks and Recreation, Toronto Police Service, Public Health, and Teacher/ECE candidates from post-secondary institutions.  Our partnerships with Fairbank Learnign Enrichmnet Foundation Child Care and the Early On Centre allow for a seamless transition to regular school for many of our young students.