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George Syme Community School's Mission Statement

As a school in the Model Schools for Inner City (MSIC) program, George Syme Community School is committed to student achievement by building strong partnerships with families and the community. Located near Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue West, George Syme hosts a French Immersion program. Its diversity is seen and heard inside and outside as students, families, and staff speak over 30  languages. We strive to teach curriculum through units of study where students see themselves as agents of change and critical thinkers. George Syme is the hub of the community offering many programs for students and parents during and beyond the school day.   

Our Learning Community

George Syme Community School is home to four community programs: 
  • Adult ESL classes are offered three mornings a week
  • Syme-Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre offer preschool programs with a focus on school readiness and building a supportive and well informed parent group 
  • International Language Programs and Escuela Pioneros de la Paz provide programs on Saturdays.

We also offer a breakfast program, a homework club and many extra curricular sports activities before and after school.

More Information About George Syme Community School

On Site OISE Inner City Option Teacher Education

We are proud to be the hub for 65 teacher candidates interested in education in our diverse inner city schools. This on site location is ideal for blending the practical experience with theoretical classroom instruction. In partnership with George Syme staff and community partners, the ICO teacher candidates have become an integral part of the school and community. 

Right to Play

In partnership with "Right to Play" and Runnymede CI, George Syme students participate in this after school program that uses sports and games to build skills and improve self esteem.  Trained high school students lead games and activities once a week. Through exemplary leadership, Runnymede students teach and model the value of play and cooperation to our students.

International Language Program

The International Language Program is designed to give the students the opportunity to learn additional languages other than English and French.  Escuela de Pioneros de la Paz, a program for Latin American students, meets at George Syme on Saturdays. They learn and play while validating their cultural heritage.  

Parents as Partners

With a focus on supporting student literacy, parents are involved in selecting books with their students through Family Library nights and a number of different book clubs.  From signing the nightly Readers 100 Log to attending our literacy activities where books and CD's in multiple languages are available, parents take an active role in reading with their children.

Additional Features

  • Syme Woolner Family Centre
  • Breakfast Club
  • Homework Club
  • International Language Programs
  • Hot Lunch Program

Student Life - Where You Belong


A strong school spirit permeates throughout George Syme.  With a number of varied extra curricular activities including a Junior Choir, Reading Clubs, Sports Teams and the Green Team, students have the opportunity to explore and develop their talents.   
The Playground Activity Leaders (PALS) act as positive role models on the playground during recesses. The leadership team of grade five students assist with school operations as announcers, ambassadors, office helpers, milk monitors and recycling monitors. Our older students also act as role models and supportive tutors while reading and interacting with younger students through class "buddy" programs.  
Monthly assemblies and annual concerts provide opportunities for students to celebrate their achievements. The Readers 100 Club celebrates the home reading successes of over 250  students each year!


Our vision for student success is founded on the Model Schools priorities.  In partnership with the Centre for Urban Schooling and Model Schools staff, our teachers have been focusing on embedding culturally relevant and authentic learning experiences into the classroom. Books and learning materials that reflect the experiences of our students with a focus on equity and social justice are prevalent in all classrooms.  Additional funding through the Model Schools initiative has helped to enrich teaching and learning by expanding the use of technology and the Arts.  Performances and presentations by guest artists and authors as well as excursions into the greater community are carefully selected to enhance student learning. Hearing and Vision screenings and a nutrition program bring support services directly into the school to help to ensure that students receive appropriate supports and interventions in a timely manner.  Ongoing collaboration among staff and with our partners promotes ongoing monitoring and evaluation of student programs and learning.


Our community partnerships include:
OISE, Inner City Option and Centre for Urban Schooling
Child Development Institute
Yorktown Family Services
Horizons Child Development Institute
Settlement Worker
Toronto Public Health
Public Library
Arts for Children
Community Support Worker
Roseland Horticultural Society
Our parents are involved in our school in many different ways: School Council; volunteers in the classroom; school field trips; Parent Ambassadors; Action Team for Partnerships; Adult ESL classes; Parent Education sessions; Family Centre programs and drop in.
A significant number of parents attend workshops and activities throughout the year including:  Literacy Nights, Facebook 101,and Family Math & Board Games activities.  Our community BBQ, Movie Night and annual Fun Fair bring the community together for a time of fun and friendship.