PHONE NUMBER: (416) 393-0501

GRADE RANGE: 7 to 12

ALPHA II Alternative School (Sec)'s Mission Statement

Grades: 7-12
Approx. Enrolment: 31
Welcome to Alpha II Alternative School, a vibrant community of self-directed learners who take responsibility for their own education.  At Alpha II you direct your own learning based on what you value with the help of your core community.

A Supportive Environment

At Alpha II we aim to create a welcoming learning environment centered on student passions and interests.  It is cooperative, based on a consensus model, and community-supported. It is a school focused on creativity, innovation and critical problem-solving.  We are also strongly dedicated to Equity.  We encourage self-directed, community-minded young people from all communities in our city to be part of Alpha II. Often students who may be under-represented in other schools feel supported at Alpha II.  Alpha II works to make our community one where diverse values, experiences, and cultures are both respected and nourished.

More Information About ALPHA II Alternative School (Sec)

Manage your own time

You will learn to manage your own time and fulfill your own educational goals at Alpha II. This includes determining your own schedule and what you will be doing each day in collaboration with teachers, other students and parents. You learn to take responsibility for your time and for achieving your own goals.

Create, build, and learn the value of failure

You could be an artist, builder, writer, community activist, computer programmer, experimental scientist, musician, inventor, or game designer, to name just a few possibilities. Our mentors will help you find the right people to support your needs and help you work through the different phases of learning including boredom and failure.

Education as unique as you

Learn through your interests. You might make a film. Plan the budget and learn math. Learn to read and write by penning proposals and scripts. Learn science and technology by developing film or film editing. You choose your own educational path and learn along the way. And you can create opportunities to learn on your own or in collaboration with others. 

Gain Confidence

Picture yourself with people who care about your ideas, energy, creativity, and enthusiasm. Share your ideas, learning, and interests in small groups, presentations, and meetings. Here at Alpha II, you learn to express yourself in a supportive atmosphere that will help you to build your confidence.

Additional Features

  • Alternative School
  • Policy with University of Toronto
  • Based on Hall-Dennis Report
  • Empowers self direction
  • Inspired by Summerhill School
  • Decisions based on consensus
  • Welcomes community mentors
  • Supports diversity and difference

Student Life - Where You Belong


Be Part of a Community--

A major part of the learning experience at Alpha II is belonging to a strong, vibrant community of students, teachers, parents and administrators who support you and your gifts, talents, ideas, and energy. Learning what you love to do is also learning about what you have to give to your community and what your community has to offer you. The opportunity to experience and participate in a genuine community of learning is one of the most exceptional elements of being at Alpha II.


What Makes Our School Different

Self-directed learning in community
  • You decide what you will focus on and how you learn at Alpha II
  • You belong to a community that values your uniqueness and supports you in your personal journey of learning with opportunities for collaboration, reflection, and feedback.

No grades, no credits, no diploma
  • At Alpha II we value learning not credentials
  • Instead of marks and credits, you build a portfolio of your accomplishments that reflects who you are and aspire to be and can be used in future pathways post Alpha II life,(i.e. Apprenticeship, Work, College, University and Community Living).


The community includes your family

Parent involvement is essential  at Alpha II. At our monthly community meetings, where  parents, students and teachers and administrators meet, we collaborate to create a great learning environment for all. Parents are also invited to become mentors to our students to share their expertise in working with individual students.  Parents are requested to pledge 2 hours a month in volunteer time to enrich the school's learning environment. 
Over the years, we have had active parent committees including Open House, Finance, Events and Fundraising.  Parents are an integral part of the development of Alpha II and are encouraged to bring their own passions to add to our school to support their child and other mentees