PHONE NUMBER: (416) 393-9466

GRADE RANGE: 10 to 12

Subway Academy I's Mission Statement

Grades: 9-12, Semestered
Approx. Enrolment: 72

Subway Academy 1 features a wide range of subjects held in small classes in a welcoming environment. Our program is best suited to students who have established some foundational skills at the applied and academic levels; nevertheless, students entering our program with few credits are often able to build these skills through hard work and the assistance of encouraging staff.  We provide regular classroom instruction four times a week for 60 minutes per class and an additional 30 minutes per class support. We are accustomed to working with young people in crisis and encourage parental/guardian involvement.

Warm and Caring

The small school environment provides warmth and concern, which enriches student/teacher relations, student confidence and a sense of belonging.  Our small class sizes makes a big difference to the personal attention you receive.  Class size ranges from 18 to 22 students, to some classes as small as 5 or 6 students.  With a dedicated and committed teaching staff, we have developed great relationships with our students.

Subway prides itself on its sense of cultural diversity and we celebrate our multiethnic, and multilingual student body and staff.  We offer courses from grade 9 through 12 at the academic, college and university levels, with limited applied and open courses. There is a heavy emphasis on post-secondary destinations.This alternative school works best for motivated learners who want to explore knowledge and skill development for academic advancement and to foster life long learning. Students and staff work together closely, resulting in a strong community environment which focuses on individual need and support.

More Information About Subway Academy I

Test Drive Potential Careers

"We counsel you in a caring way"  Our teaching style prepares you for college or university.  We offer Business courses with a global focus, and highlight creative talents through our Drama and Music program.

The Subway Academy One Difference

Our guidance department invests in you.  Along with our teachers, we provide support in career and personal counselling as well as help you prepare college and university entrance applications and help you search for scholarships.  With our programs, they develop the self-directed study skills and discipline essential to succeeding after high school.

Recent examples demonstrate our students' successes.  Students have been accepted to the University of Toronto's Life Sciences program; received scholoarships to attend the University of Western Ontario; another student earned a full scholarship to McGill University; one student was accepted into a college Nursing program and is now at McMaster University studying Health Science.

University Style of Learning

Our students value our independent learning style.  We have developed effective tools to deliver our courses using two common university models.  We teach sections of course material with structured projects, formal essays, class presentations, individual research assignments and tests.

Additional Features

  • a wide range of subjects
  • individual attention
  • safe and nurturing environment
  • small class sizes
  • semestered program
  • students must be 16 - 21 years old
  • team teaching instruction
  • Interest Courses (Chess&Society)

Student Life - Where You Belong


We bring real-world experience to our students where guest speakers present on topics of interest.  Students are treated with respect for the myriad of responsibilities they carry and our social scene reflects the time constraints of our students.  Our informal environment creates opportunities for our teachers and students to grasp every "teachable moment."


A strong emphasis on academics.
Teachers are readily available to help where needed.
A warm environment where students are encouraged to ask questions.


SA1 encourages parent, guardian and student involvement in our school council.  School council meets four times in the school year and discusses program planning and development.