PHONE NUMBER: (416) 393-9630

GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Eastdale Collegiate Institute's Mission Statement

Eastdale is a small learning community characterized by its safe, inclusive and encouraging environment.  We work together as a team to offer a variety of programs and placements individualized to each student's specific needs and challenges. Through an array of community partnerships and experiential learning programs we support learning for life.  Our program supports cultural diversity so our students feel valued and understood.  We seek to include student voice in our daily learning and decision making. We offer a range of extra-curricular activities to support student growth.  Eastdale offers a range of courses at the locally developed, workplace and some at the applied level. 
We welcome students from across the city.

Students are able to graduate with and Ontario Secondary School Diploma, preparing students for employment or post-secondary opportunities.  Our support for students extends beyond the walls of the school, through experiential learning (cooperative education) and we provide active support for students as they transition from school to work and post-secondary opportunities.  

Special Education - MID Program

Students with an MID (Mild Intellectual Disability) exceptionality are part of Eastdale's Special Education Program. We prepare students for independent living, further education or transition to the workplace. Classes focus on functional literacy (reading, writing, oral communication), functional numeracy (banking, budgeting), independent living (meal preparation, household chores, self-care) and interpersonal skills. Students gain work-related skills through Hairstyling, Hospitality, Bike Repair and Communication Technology programs. Students are offered TTC Training in combination with Co-operative Education & Community Service. 

More Information About Eastdale Collegiate Institute

Hairstyling and Aesthetics Program

A Hairstyling and Aesthetics Program is offered at Eastdale with the latest in equipment for teaching hairstyling, make-up and nail care techniques.  Students will learn fundamental skills that can be used in a salon and can practice these skills through Co-operative Education placements. The students will learn about a variety of employment opportunities.

Co-Operative Education

Co-operative Education is offered to students in both the Credit and MID program. It is a unique program which integrates classroom studies with practical experience in the world of work. Students are placed with an employer for half / full day schedule in an area of work that interests them. Students earn credits as they gain skills to transition to the workforce.

Hospitality and Foods

Eastdale has a professional industry standard kitchen where students learn food preparation, health and safety practices, menu planning, and customer service. Students prepare lunch for  the cafeteria and provide catering  at community special events. Produce from the RoofTop garden is used in the hospitality program.

Bicycle Maintenance & Repair

Students will develop an understanding of work through practical hands-on service, repair and maintenance of  bicycles. They will also learn safety strategies related to both shop safety and road safety.  This program will prepare students for entry-level positions in bicycle sales, maintenance or repair. 

Additional Features

  • Continuous Intake Co-Op (CIC)
  • Resource Program
  • Credit Recovery and Credit Rescue
  • Regent Park Fcous
  • Student Nutrition Program
  • Intramural & Team Athletics
  • Boys' & Girls' Groups
  • New Leaf Yoga

Student Life - Where You Belong


Eastdale  teachers are committed to offering a variety of co-curricular activities both at lunch and after school to meet the needs of our students. Our Physical Education Program encourages all students to get involved. We offer intramurals at lunch time as well as school teams (Eastdale Eagles) who compete against other schools in such sports as basketball, floor hockey, baseball, cross-country, track and field and badminton. 
The Eastdale Ambassadors are student leaders who assist at school events plus take on a local and global community service projects. Our Wilderness Activity Group meets weekly and learns skills in order to participate in a fall hiking trip, a winter camping trip in Algonquin Park, and a hiking trip on the Bruce Peninsula.  At lunch time we have a  Fun ClubBoys Group, Rainbow Alliance,  Pet Club, and Young Womens' Group. Eastdale is a Gold EcoSchool and has a student Environmental Club responsible for the recycling program and "greening" the school community. An assembly in the fall lets students know what clubs are availale and all students are encouraged to join and get involved.


Students appreciate our small class sizes, individual support, and caring and safe environment. We focus on providing academic, social and employability skills for success in the 21st century. We provide "hands on " project based learning so the students see the connection between classroom and the world of work. For students who arrive at Eastdale behind in their credit accumulation we offer both Credit Rescue and Credit Recovery so students can catch up on their credits. An accepting and positive atmoshere encourages students who previously might not have been successful in school.
Eastdale has an 11000 square foot RoofTop which, through a partnership with FoodShare and their School Grown Program, has become one of the best "green" spaces in Toronto. The RoofTop space is an urban market garden with fruits and vegetables, an event space, an outdoor cafe, and an indoor classroom for workshops. Food grown on the RoofTop by students is used in the Hospitality Program, sold to community markets and local restaurants.  The program also provides summer work opportunities.


Community partnerships:
FoodShare is a non-profit organization. Foodshare staff collaborate with our teachers to mentor and provide hands-on learning experience for our students and create employment opportunities through the RoofTop garden.
Peacebuilders International is  non-profit organization partnered with Eastdale. It incorporates restorative practices into the classrooms in the form of Circles to teach communication skills and resolve conflicts.    
Pathways to Education Program is a  community program which supports students from the Regent Park and Moss Park communities through mentorship and a tutoring program.
New Leaf Yoga provides yoga classes to help students deal with stress and build  a healthy self-esteem.
School Council  meets several times a year to share information and provide workshops in response to the needs of Eastdale parents and guardians.