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GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12



Rosedale Heights School of the Arts's Mission Statement

   We provide students with a unique educational opportunity through challenging academic programs with an emphasis on the performing and visual arts.
   Our facilities include: science labs, technology and video communications equipment, dance studios, drama studios, music studios, a dark room, visual arts studios, a fitness centre and a swimming pool.
   Rosedale offers a wide selection of courses in academic and artistic areas of study complemented by numerous opportunities for extra-curricular involvement in student clubs and sports.

We are a non-semestered school welcoming students from across the city. We do not audition. All students, regardless of their backgrounds and previous access to the arts, will be considered on the completion of an application package, which includes an arts profile illustrating the applicant's passion for the arts.




World Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary.

 Study dance as a beginner or as an experienced dancer. Our teachers work closely with you to ensure you are challenged appropriately. All students perform in a culminating Dance Performance. Throughout the year, dance students perform in concerts and assemblies. Grade 12 dance students present original compositions performed by dancers in grades 9 – 12 at our Annual Choreographic Workshops. 

Join one of our dance clubs such as hip hop or pointe or audition for Dance Company which performs throughout the year at a variety of venues.
Students in grades 11 and 12 may, with teacher permission, join our dance majors double credit program but all students may continue in dance until the end of an optional 5th year of enriched arts

More Information About Rosedale Heights School of the Arts

Dramatic Arts

Acting. Directing. Production. Playwriting.
Students experience being a performer, playwright, technician, designer and critic in our comprehensive program. They will be encouraged to question, interpret and shape meaning, as well as be challenged to examine their personal, collective and artistic choices both in class and in public performances.

In grades 10, 11 and 12 you may choose to focus on technical theatre in our Drama Production classes or to focus on performance by participating in our annual mainstage play followed by a student run Fringe Festival of original one-act plays. You may join our Rookie Drama club in grade 9 or our Improv Club in every grade, perhaps trying out for our competitive Improv Team. Our students also write, direct and perform in our Sears plays as an extra-curricular activity.

Media/Visual Arts

Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Ceramics, Film, Graphics or Non-Traditional Arts.
Engage your imagination through artistic problem solving.  Our courses focus on studio and art appreciation, design and composition, art history and the development of artistic vision. Students display their work in one of our Art Shows and throughout our school.

Engage your imagination through artistic problem solving. Our courses focus on studio and and art appreciation, design and composition, art history and the development of artistic vision.
Display your work in one of our numerous shows and thoughout our school.


Band. Composition. Orchestra. Strings. Vocal.
We work to create a love for music with all our students. They can  participate in ensembles, bands, orchestra and a multitude of musical performances and experience a wide variety of musical genres from various cultures. Senior students may study composition and arranging or specialize in guitar. 

The senior band travels annually, performing and producing a CD at various studios such as Sun Studios in Memphis.
We prepare our graduates for post-secondary music programs.

Musical Theatre

Singing. Dancing. Acting. Become a triple threat! 
Students may choose musical theatre in Grades 11 and 12 if they have studied dance, vocal music and drama in Grades 9 or 10. All musical theatre students rotate through these three areas, performing in revues and full-scale musical productions.

Additional Features

  • Rigorous Academic Programs
  • Co-Curricular Arts Programs
  • Arts and Culture SHSM Program
  • Educational Travel and Excursions
  • Co-operative Education
  • Comprehensive French Program
  • Intramurals
  • Arts Certificate upon graduation

Student Life - Where You Belong


Students may join a team, including soccer,  basketball, cross-country running, swimming, and ultimate frisbee. Or join a club: pointe, French, hip-hop, fashion, library, yearbook, D &D,  stage crew, cheerleading, Youth Theatre Company and others. Work in our large greenhouse. Support others through our QSA, RHSA's Black Student Alliance, or environmental action group. Join our active Student Council.
Students may swim at lunch, work out in the fitness room or participate in intramural activities. Students relax during lunch in the park-like setting surrounding our school, a Canadian heritage site.
The heart of our school is the phenomenal bond forged by students as they work together creatively. Our students socialize across the grades inclusively and stand together against racism, homophobia and bullying. Our students embrace individual differences and freedom of expression. 
Our parents often comment that Rosedale is the first school where their child feels welcomed and safe.


Rosedale Heights School of the Arts
We are proud to be a truly inclusive school for the arts. We do not audition because we believe in equity for all students, regardless of background and access to arts education. We are proud that we have dance, drama, music and visual art students accepted into post-secondary programs who begin their studies in these disciplines with us.
Our community partnerships create wonderful opportunities to work with successful, professional artists and arts organizations in our community.
Graduate, medical and law schools are now demanding that applicants demonstrate divergent thinking, creativity and empathy. Our dual thrust program consisting of high academic achievement and artistic excellence is a direct path to your future goals.


School Council and Parents Arts Committee -Chair: Andaleeb Dobson
Parents have an opportunity to be directly involved in educational programs through the School Council and the Parents Arts Committee.
Meetings are held regularly on topics of concern to families in our community.
Our parents contribute in many ways to the various Arts programs, including displaying their Visual Arts in our annual Parent/Teacher Juried Art Show and producing our Parents Arts Council Newsletter.
Each year our parents raise thousands of dollars for our various Arts programs in our Parent Auction.