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GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Northern Secondary School's Mission Statement

Welcome to one of the most exciting schools in Toronto. Although we are well recognized for our academic success, we also offer you outstanding physical education and arts programs. Our exceptional technical program meets the needs of students seeking careers in construction, robotics and communication technology. Our list of awards and proven success in those areas is extensive. You will learn from our excellent, dedicated teachers who help prepare you for the future. We welcome students with many different learning styles and have special programs for gifted learners, students with learning disabilities and students with deaf or hard of hearing. We are a semester school with 1,750 students.

Innovative Business Programs

Northern is one of only two public schools in Toronto to offer a financial securities program, which is based on the Canadian Securities Course, a certificate required by professional brokers and traders.  Investigate the stock market and look at the risks and safeguards in trading and creating stock portfolios.  Enroll in our business and computer science programs; join other students who excel in accounting and financial securities competitions across the city. 

More Information About Northern Secondary School

Drama, Music and Fine Art

Northern has a thriving Arts program. Develop your music skills as a member of our string orchestra, vocal or instrumental band programs.  Get creative in our Fine Arts program, taking visual art, life drawing or ceramics. As well, our Drama students have much to boast about. Our students have received numerous awards from the theatrical community for their amazing work.

Enroll in our music program and perform in our award-winning saxophone quartet, string quartet, choir, symphony orchestra, stage band and vocal groups.  Our choir and symphony orchestra performed at Massey Hall.  We are offering a new music course, music composition on the computer.
Our fine art students have the opportunity to nourish their creative talents and gain insight into the world of design.  Learn ceramic design, life drawing, material arts and photography.
Our students have received awards from the theatrical community, including the Playwrights Guild of Canada, the Foundation for the Recognition of Excellence in Drama, the Sears Drama Festival and the Wayne Fairhead New Play award.

Biotechnology and Biotechnology & Forensics

In our biotechnology courses, you will learn the theory and practical applications of microbiology and DNA manipulation.  Learn how to professionally communicate your results in lab reports, presentations and projects. 

Biotechnology and forensics is a hands-on laboratory course divided into three strands:  microbiology, biotechnology and forensics.  Isolate and manipulate DNA in bacterial cells; learn about crime scene investigations and evidence analysis techniques, including fingerprinting, blood splatter analysis and bone analysis.

Integrated Technologies

Experience our integrated technologies program and choose from communications (graphic arts) technology, video and broadcast, photographic production, robotics and computer engineering, architectural design, engineering design, construction and automotive and transportation technologies.

Fantastic Facilities

Enroll in one of the best physical education programs in Toronto.  Learn and compete with professional equipment.  Join our many competitive teams that have won numerous championships in football, baseball, basketball, track and other sports. 

Additional Features

  • Weekly on-line newsletter
  • On-line booking for PTI
  • Over 80% are accepted to Col/Uni.
  • Over 50% are Ontario Scholars

Student Life - Where You Belong


Expand your perspective by travel! Our history students traveled to France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Our language students traveled to France, Quebec City & Montreal. A part of an exchange program, we welcomed students from France. Our music students traveled to Boston & Chicago. Our art students traveled to New York. Our Northern debating team traveled to Montreal, the United States & England.
Have fun & compete on championship teams - football, baseball, soccer, rugby, hockey, swimming and boys & girls basketball.
Our large, diverse group of students ensures that a club exists for almost every field of interest. If a group doesn't exist for you, we'll help you start one! Student Council is always well represented by enthusiastic members who help organize holiday seasonal dances, semi-formal, & prom events. Join our student leadership group; senior students become 'Buddies,' welcoming new Grade 9 students and their parents to our great school. Attend a retreat with teachers to learn leadership techniques you will use for the rest of your life.
Our students also help to raise funds for many events, including the United Way, the Terry Fox Run and CanFar.


Commitment to Environmental Issues and Sustainability
Northern is a TDSB certified Gold EcoSchool and we continue to make great strides to give our students the skills and knowledge they need to be environmentally responsible citizens.  Reducing our ecological footprint by monitoring energy use, paper consumption, and waste reduction is an on-going initiative at the school.  The Northern EnvironMental Organization (NEMO) works with the school community by educating others on sustainability issues.  We offer a credit in Environmental Science and have many students engaged in projects related to environmental issues, both within and outside of the school.


Skylark Children, Youth and Families provides a counseling and support service full time directly in the school, with the premise that services provide youth with easily accessible, trustworthy counseling, and supports for teachers and educators enable them to understand and respond well to a range of challenging behaviours.  The Skylark program enhances the prospects of students experiencing difficulties in school - students often characterized as 'at-risk', 'vulnerable' or 'marginalized'.  The in-school program offers a wide variety of mental health services:  individual counseling, therapeutic groups, social service and health referrals as well as consultations and assessments for school administration and teachers.