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GRADE RANGE: 9 to 12

Ursula Franklin Academy's Mission Statement

Integrated Technology and Academics for the Real World
Ursula Franklin Academy students and staff are passionate about our five core values: Spirit of Inquiry, Democracy, Social Justice, Community of Learners, and Connected Knowledge. We creatively incorporate various technological resources and software across academic disciplines and offer integrated liberal arts and sciences courses at the advanced level, preparing students for post-secondary academic programs. Course content and the Wednesday Enrichment Program direct learning at a faster pace. Students assume a central role over their education.
We are a small school by design, and we welcome students from across Toronto.

Student Leadership at UFA

Student Council, including a student advocate, meet to discuss issues. The Franklin Athletic Association oversees intramural sports and Athletic Banquet. Student leaders facilitate the Grade 9 Retreat. Other examples of student-run clubs include the Environmental Alliance, whose work gained Platinum Eco School status for UFA.

More Information About Ursula Franklin Academy

Dr. Ursula Franklin on Social Justice

“Peace is not the absence of war but the absence of fear, which is the presence of justice.” Dr. Ursula Franklin continues to champion peace, social justice and human rights in the world. She assumes an influential role in our students' education in reference to her books, The Ursula Franklin Reader: Pacifism as a Map, andThe Real World of Technology.

Integrated Learning at UFA

Grades 9 and 10 complete integrated culminating projects based on compulsory cored courses. Exploration of cultural, technological, social and global change from a Canadian perspective integrates English, Business Studies, and Geography in Grade 9; and English and History in Grade 10.

Mentoring Partnerships at UFA

During the  Wednesday Enrichment Program, UFA students in grades 9-12 participate in ongoing, year-long partnerships with elementary students from kindergarten to Grade 8 at Queen Victoria PS .  UFA students mentor elementary students in science and mathematics and act as reading and classroom buddies.

Mental Wellness

The school has an active Mental Wellness Committee led by students and supported by both teaching staff, and our child and youth worker.  Various awareness campaigns take place annually to both support student mental health, to share coping strategies and to break the stigma related to mental health.

Additional Features

  • Array of Athletic Activities
  • Grade 9 Retreat
  • Film Festivals, Guest Speakers
  • Young Men's/Women's Discussions
  • Co-operative Education
  • Student Uniform Association
  • Safe and Caring Small School
  • Wednesday Program

Student Life - Where You Belong


To quote one of our Graduates: "You are about to begin a new phase of your life. Your high school experience will be filled with new firsts, new friendships and new ways of thinking. UFA will test you in all the ways you would expect one of the top ranked Canadian high schools to do, but also in other ways that might surprise you. Along with furthering your knowledge we will help you discover who you are and who you are becoming, teach you how to become a leader and encourage you to make your own unique difference in the community. Here at UFA, our students are defined by their passion for excellence, their impulse to excel and their excitement and readiness to make change. Our staff members are more than just educators; to many students they are mentors, academic catalysts, even members of your dodge ball team. What makes UFA distinct from other institutions is that we do not pride ourselves solely on our students or staff, but on our sense of community. We not only share the responsibility of learning with one another, but also our vision of connected knowledge, our spirit of inquiry, and our foundation of democracy and social justice."


Ursula Franklin Academy was founded in 1995 after a year-long study of aspects that contribute to an ideal 21st century model school. Several aspects include: strong school values; active student involvement in academic, extra-curricular activities and volunteer work; a student uniform that promotes equality among students; enthusiastic and committed staff; enriched curriculum and a student admission process. UFA's excellence continues today through that active leadership of students, with tremendous parental and staff support. UFA is an exciting place of learning, where students have opportunities
to discover the joys and challenges of gaining knowledge and understanding. We seriously review our educational goals and students take part in education to make them, in Dr. Franklin's words, "personally happy and publicly useful."  Endeavours and partnerships are constantly being made to build knowledge and understanding that extends out into the broader community and in turn, the community responds by enriching and supporting the goals and dreams of the school.


In 2013 to present, UFA was recognized as a Platinum Eco School based on the work of our Environmental Alliance (EA). The EA implements programs to promote environmentally sound practices for a sustainable future. In 2007, our Landscaping Initiative was started with strong support from the School Advisory Council. Our students and staff extend classroom learning with trips. Our staff partner with Faculties of Education to provide practicuums for pre-service teachers and to participate in professional research. We received the "Cool Schools" award from Toronto Atmospheric Foundation for an initiative in reducing global warming through the use of solar panels. In 2006, UFA won the Learning Partnership National Technology Innovation Award; York University Faculty of Education Award and the Anne Hope Award for Human Rights.